The 10 Best Sawyer Brown Songs of All-Time

Sawyer Brown

The country music band Sawyer Brown has been singing for decades. The group is comprised of lead singer Mark Miller, Bobby Randall, Gregg Hubbard, Jim Scholten and Joe Smyth. All of the band’s members were also part of an earlier country music band, singing alongside Don King. When he made the decision to retire in 1981, Sawyer Brown was formed, as the five men wanted to continue singing even after King’s retirement. Obviously, any band that has been performing since 1981 is going to have a lot of songs in their catalogue. Below are 10 of their best, ranked from number 10 to number one. They all have YouTube links so if you’ve never heard their music before, pop over and give it a listen. Here’s the list.

10. Used to Blue (1985)


During the 1980s, country music was very big on singing a lot of sad songs about broken relationships. This is often considered to be one of this band’s quintessential signs of this type. The lyrics speak of a couple who have broken up, with one of them moving far away. Eventually, she sends her former partner a postcard and asks how he’s doing. He goes on to sing about how much it shocks him that she’s asking him that question when he’s become so used to being blue all the time. In short, the song talks about pretending to be okay when you’re actually anything but okay.

9. Hard to Say (1993)


This is yet another song about a love gone wrong. It also intertwines lyrics about cars and even hitchhiking into the main theme of the song, which is about a person who went to bed with his significant other and then woke up to find her gone. It talks about wondering whether or not the relationship was ill-fated or if he’s just having a bad day. It goes on to ask if the timing of the relationship was wrong and then for the last verse, mentions that he thinks he should probably get down on his knees and pray but he’s having a hard time saying such a prayer out loud, probably because that would force him to admit to himself that she’s actually gone.

8. All These Years (1992)


This song is designed to be sort of tongue-in-cheek, yet it deals with a very serious subject. It’s one of those songs that talks about something no one really wants to talk about, yet it does it in such a fun way that you can almost forget that the whole subject of the song is about cheating. The lyrics themselves talk about being with someone that loves to experience a lot of adventures with other men. As such, she tends to schedule her day out according to how she can pack the most adventure in without getting caught in the process and then, as you have probably already imagined, she eventually gets caught.

7. Thank God for You (1993)


This is actually one of the band’s sweeter songs. The lyrics in it discuss the way that the community sees the person in the song and the way that he sees himself. In those lyrics, they talked about how he has made a good life for himself, largely building it from the ground up and they celebrate his successes. He goes on to say that he would never have been successful if it hadn’t been for the person that he’s been with all this time because she has been the person who has encouraged him and served as his foundation all along.

6. The Race Is On (1989)


As is the case with so many of the band’s songs, this one deals with losing out on a relationship. However, it’s told from the perspective of a horse race. If you’ve ever listened to someone call a horse race, you know that just listening to it can be exhilarating, even if you can’t see a thing. This particular song uses terms that are typical in a breakup as the horses names, such as “Heartache” and “Tears”. It’s actually quite cute and it’s far more upbeat in its tempo than a lot of songs that talk about losing a relationship. It makes it stand out because it’s different and it also makes it a fan favorite.

5. The Boys and Me (1993)


Have you ever had one of those times when you go back to your hometown and meet up with all of your old friends from high school, all of you thinking that you’re all grown up, only to find out that when you’re together you act just like you did in high school? That’s precisely what this song is about. It’s quite funny, but it also tells the story of a lot of people who haven’t really managed to come into their own as fully grown adults, despite their age.

4. Betty’s Bein’ Bad (1986)


This is a fun song which is why so many fans love it. At its core, it’s about a man and woman who had a fight and more importantly, about her decision to get revenge by going out on the town and living it up as if she were single again. It may not be the best decision to do this type of thing in real life, but it works well for song lyrics.

3. The Walk (1991)


This is undoubtedly one of the band’s most heartfelt songs they ever recorded. It details the life of a person and his relationship with his father from the time that he is a young child all the way up through adulthood. The walk in question refers to his dad walking him to the bus on his first day of school and him being afraid to go. It then progresses through major milestones in his life such as his 18th birthday. The end of the song culminates with him now being an adult and walking his dad down that same driveway as he takes him to the nursing home because his father now has dementia and can no longer care for himself.

2. Step That Step (1985)


In one way or another, everyone can identify with this song to a certain extent. It talks about being able to not only talk the talk, as they say, but also walk the walk. In short, it is a song about becoming your authentic self and then showing that side of yourself to the world as opposed to putting on a facade.

1. Some Girls Do (1992)


Finally, here is a song about a man who is trying to win the affection of a woman who is completely uninterested in having anything to do with him. The song deals with issues such as class and socioeconomic status, mainly through telling the story of a working-class male who is trying to get the attention of a girl he wants to date, one who has a lot more money than he has.

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