10 Awesome Songs about Swimming


There are a lot of songs that are good for getting the blood going during a swim. However, there are also a lot of songs that are about the activity of swimming itself. Some of them even manage to be quite good, meaning that interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to check them out.

10. “My Friend Has a Swimming Pool” – Mausi


Those who are looking for a summer song won’t go wrong with Mausi’s “My Friend Has a Swimming Pool.” It isn’t the deepest song out there, but to be fair, it doesn’t need to be. The song has exactly the kind of joyous energy that one would want for a pool party.

9. “Swim Until You Can’t See Land” – Frightened Rabbit


Frightened Rabbit was an indie rock band active from the early 2000s to the mid 2010s. “Swim Until You Can’t See Land” is an interesting song that can be interpreted in a number of ways. For instance, one could interpret it as a song about suicide, seeing as how it describes a course of action that doesn’t seem very survivable. However, one could also interpret it as a challenge for the listener to meet the future head-on. A statement that is filled with bombast and bravado.

8. “Cold Water” – Major Lazer


Water makes for great metaphors. Sometimes, those are positive. Other times, not so much. After all, we are land animals, so it isn’t a huge jump for water to be perceived as a dangerous force by us. Here, it is a stand-in for all of the things that can destroy us. However, “Cold Water” isn’t a negative song because the singer is making it very clear that they will be there for the listener. No one is invulnerable, so everyone needs a helping hand at some point. It is good to hear that affirmed from time to time.

7. “Underwater” – MIKA


MIKA’s “Underwater” trumpets the power of love to make people feel like they can do everything. Amusingly, it is also an excellent example of how a music video can change the way that people see a song. Its lyrics go on and on about how the singer will become capable of the impossible so long as they are offered love. Meanwhile, the music video ends with MIKA sinking into the sea. It isn’t clear how we are supposed to interpret this. The cynical take would be that there are limits to the power of love after all. However, someone less so might say that the singer sinks because he hasn’t been empowered by love. Doomed is doomed, but there are plenty of people who would see something romantic in the idea of a tragic lover who perishes because of love unreciprocated.

6. “Front Crawl” – Frank Turner


This is another love song. In it, Frank Turner sings about himself thinking about how to show the extent of his feeling for his loved one. Swimming a great distance is one of the ways that he brings up. However, Turner notes that he is only capable of doggy-paddling at the moment, meaning that he will have to wait until he manages to learn the front crawl at least.

5. “Under the Sea” – Samuel E. Wright


Disney movies have earned a reputation for having wonderful music. As a result, it was inevitable that something of theirs would wind up on this list. “Under the Sea” is one of the best songs from The Little Mermaid, holding up well even though it was released in 1989. Funny enough, it is describing itself when it talks about other people’s lives seeming better without necessarily being so. “Under the Sea” is a song written by someone who lives on land that nonetheless presents the underwater world in a very idyllic light. However, we have no real reason from real life to believe any of its claims. As for the movie, well, suffice to say that the underwater world has coups d’etat of its own. Something that suggests that it is very much a mirror of the above-water world.

4. “Swimming in Miami” – Owl City


If people have listened to Owl City, chances are good that they can guess what to expect from “Swimming in Miami.” The project is famous for fun, uplifting pop music with electronic influences. “Swimming in Miami” is no exception to that rule. Moreover, it has a fair amount of the surrealism that Owl City is famous for, thus making an already enjoyable song that much more so.

3. “Crawled Out of the Sea” – Laura Marling


Lyrics-wise, this is about as simple as it gets. Still, “Crawled Out of the Sea” works surprisingly well, though much of that should be attributed to the skill of the singer. It is fun to play with possible interpretations of the words though. The most straightforward interpretation would be the singer’s loved one managing to return to her against the odds. However, there are plenty of other possibilities, particularly since there are a lot of stories about people entering into romances with entities that live beneath the waves.

2. “Swim Good” – Frank Ocean


Strictly speaking, “Swim Good” isn’t about swimming. Instead, it is using it as a metaphor for something else. “Swim Good” tells the story of a man who drives into the ocean because of the pain from his failed relationships. The name refers to coping with the emotions that can drag one down into the deep, dark depths.

1. “Nightswimming” – R.E.M.


Nightswimming” is one of R.E.M.’s better-known singles. That is very impressive because the said band is one of the best rock bands to emerge in the 1980s. Lyric-wise, “Nightswimming” is pretty much exactly what one would expect. It is about a group of friends going skinny-dipping, which was inspired by R.E.M.’s own experiences on the matter.

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