Ranking All The Songs from The Venom Soundtrack


Venom is one of the Marvel Comics movies. It is based on discovering a new habitable planet. Life Corporation carries out the study after traveling to space and uncovering a comet inhabited by symbiotes. They collect four samples and make their way back to earth to conduct their experiment. But make it to the lab with three symbiotes as one escapes. The Life Foundation CEO, Dr. Carlton Drake (Rizwan Ahmed), conducts trials on humans as the symbiotes need an oxygen-breathing host to subsist. Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a famed reporter/ journalist, is determined to expose the Life Corporation CEO. Regardless of his girlfriend’s (Anne Weying) warnings, Eddie goes ahead, and while in the process of uncovering the truth, he becomes a victim. One symbiote (Venom) enters his body, transforming him into a superpower monster. Mr. Drake tries to retrieve the symbiote from Eddie, but before he gets hold of Eddie, Riot, the fourth symbiote, finds its way to the lab and enters him (Carlton Drake). The two (Riot and Drake) get into a fight with Eddie and Venom. Through the help of Weying, Venom kills Drake and Riot. Eddie and Venom remain joined in secret and on a mission to protect San Francisco against criminal activities. Now let’s rank all the songs from The Venom Soundtrack.

11. Demonized by Gruesome


This song talks about being trapped in darkness and losing total control of yourself. In this Venom film, Venom takes control of Eddie’s body, mind, and even thoughts. This is well portrayed when Eddie tries to raise his hands when Dr. Drake’s soldiers show up in his house and Venom pulls them down. He also advises Eddie to run to save both of them, but Venom takes control of all the evasions. The song features where Eddie is riding a motorcycle to escape from the soldiers.

10. No Problem by Pusha T


The world is full of ambitious people, but how far one is willing to go to achieve their goals sets them apart. It becomes a huge concern when their desire for success threatens the survival of humankind and their planet. But, there are those committed to fighting to save the helpless, the misinformed, and their planet. This song is relatable to what Brock is trying to achieve in this film (bring down those who want to mess with God’s creation). It plays at the scene where Eddie rides his motorcycle to the news broadcasting station.

9. Activation by William August Hunt


This instrumental music will set you into the film’s mood. The beats are so perfect but somewhat scary. Those familiar with Marvel Comic films can easily detect the tone of the Venom film once this track starts playing on the trailer.

8. Someone to Dance With by Nick Lachey


This is a beautiful song to affirm your love. It also helps communicate your intention to spend the rest of your life with her. It plays in the scene where Eddie and Anne are seen having their romantic moment.

7. Black Gold by Eagle Eye Williamson


This song is relatable to the lives of many journalists and law enforcers who try to expose the culprits behind probes believed to be a threat. To protect themselves, these wrongdoers hit them below the belt. But, one must be confident and determined to fight back, knowing that they are the voice of the voiceless, regardless of how cruel the offenders get. The song features in the scene where Eddie is in the bar taking his drink.

6. So He Won’t Break by The Black Keys


If you’ve ever been in so much pain that you cannot hurt anymore, the lyrics in this song will make sense. Losing the things that matter to you the most can be stressful. However, you should not let that break you, especially if you are not the subject. Continue pursuing your goals, be strong, and do what you can to keep living. This song features where Eddie is in his apartment holding a newspaper, trying to search for job opportunities.

5. Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse (Main Theme) – Daniel Pemberton


This soundtrack is an exclusive instrumental inspired by a series of pictures. It plays after the mid-credits, where a short video of spider-man appears. Venom, unlike other symbiotes, decides to bond with Eddie to fight crime. It’s similar to the same intimate abilities portrayed by Spider-Man.

4. Our Love by Gary Clark Jr.


This song is a perfect choice for those in love. It’s worth playing when you want to touch someone’s heart so deeply that they will always reminisce your moments together. Nothing is so sweet as loving your significant other that you become speechless when they are around you. At that moment, the right song will convey your feelings and message appropriately, like Our Love by Gary Clark Jr. It plays at the scene where Eddie and his fiancée (Ann Weying) are going out for a dinner date. It also features as they ride back home and when they are sleeping.

3. Super Hyphy • Keak da Sneak


What’s your destiny? Some will say to save the world but are they certain to stand still until the end? This song tells us that choices have consequences, but that does not mean you back down when things get tough. Remain committed to your purpose, keep your head up, and don’t give up. You will face obstacles along the way, but you must be willing to look for an alternative way to accomplish your mission. It is the track features where Eddie is requesting Maria (a homeless lady) to pass him a newspaper.

2. Let’s Go (The Royal We) by Run The Jewels


Here is a song that will fuel your strength to protect those you love. It’ll give you the reason to stand against injustices and fight for your children, your people, and the world. Sometimes, all that someone needs are the right words to inspire them into taking the right action. The song plays in the post-credit scene.

1. Venom by Eminem


Have you ever been in a situation that rendered you so powerful after facing scenarios where you were helpless? This is the song you’d like to play when tables turn and you’re the one dominating. It plays at the closing credits.


The songs portrayed on the Venom soundtrack are perfectly selected. Those who have watched this film can agree that every track evokes the right feeling on the specific scene it’s blended with. No doubt proper research was done when picking the soundtrack.

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