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Work It

The dance comedy, Work It, was an Alicia Keys production that starred Sabrina Carpenter, Michelle Buteau, Jordan Fisher, Liza Koshy, and Keiynan Lonsdale as high school students from various backgrounds who sought to work together to win the film title’s dance competition. It was a movie released on Netflix on August 7, 2020. Since the movie revolved around dance, needless to say, it was loaded with musical material that would also find its way into the film’s soundtrack. Overall, the movie received mixed reviews. As for the soundtrack, there are a total of thirty tracks featured on it.

29. I Believe in Miracles (performed by Cumulo AllStars)


The reason why (I Believe in Miracles) by Cumulo AllStars sits at number thirty is this is not an easy song to find. Once upon a time, it was on YouTube but has since been removed. When researching the Work It Soundtrack song list, there is mention of it but not enough frame of reference to go with. At the fifty-second mark in the movie clip, one can catch the chorus performing in between the mash-up of songs the dancers featured in Work It performs to.

28. Then There were None (performed by Red Scare)


The dance tune, (Then There were None) was performed by Red Scare as a song in the Work It movie that featured a dancer named Raven. On the soundtrack, this makes a great get up and start moving track for either a decent dance routine or at least a solid workout. Recorded and released in 1984 by Red Scare, (Then There were None) was a hardcore mix of death metal and punk. Since Work It was a movie focused on dancers from all backgrounds, this also applied in the soundtrack as different styles of music were fused together in the form of a tracklist that made the most out of the genre mix.

27. Feel Good (performed by Daemon)


Daemon’s fast-paced hip-hop number, (Feel Good), was a song performed in the movie, Work It, as well as on the soundtrack. In the movie, a dance crew is observed by the characters, Jake and Quinn. As for the soundtrack, this energetic number does make a good routine as a dance number or simply enjoy a focused workout.

26. Lost Cause (performed by Hannah Georgas)


The depressive song, (Lost Cause) was performed by Hannah Georgas in 2016 as one of the songs from her album, For Evelyn. The album was named after her grandmother as a tribute to one of the most influential women in her life. In the movie, footage of the depressed main character, Quinn, shows her feeling sorry for herself as it seems the circumstances around her are too unbearable to endure. As a song in the soundtrack, (Lost Cause) is a stark contrast to what is otherwise an upbeat, highly energetic roster of dance favorites that come across as feel-good numbers.

25. When I Get Going (performed by Kallico)


In the movie, (When I Get Going) was performed by Kallico in the background as the characters were in search of a dance team for the Work It dance competition. Speedy and fun, this is a great song to simply get caught up in and enjoy it.

24. Onset (performed by Haiku Hands and Mad Zach)


Set as a dance-off song, (Onset) by Haiku Hands, featuring Mad Zach, served as a solid piece in the movie and on the Work It soundtrack. Best known for their alternative dance electronic beats, Haki Hands recruited Mad Zach to record and release (Onset) in 2019. Engineered to get the competitive spirit going, (Onset) does exactly as a good motivational song should do, which is hype up the enthusiasm to either get up and dance or at least bust a move or two.

23. Go Up (performed by Gizzle)


Gizzle’s (Go Up) was a song featured in the Work It movie as its character, Jake, performed it along with his bandmates. Gizzle was best known for her songwriting skills, namely for Lil’ Fizz and Snoop Dogg, as well as Puff Daddy. In 2011, she embarked on a solo career, going from a ghostwriter to a singer. (Go Up) was one of the singles from the mixtape, 7 Days in Atlanta, which she recorded and released in 2017.

22. Throw It (performed by Wuki & YehMe2)


(Throw It) behaves like a competitive song, as it was designed to do as it was performed by YehMe2 and Wuki. In 2019, this bass-heavy energetic number used the arrangement of modern synthesizer tones to bring a short and sweet display as a dance club favorite.

21. Rent (performed by Big Freedia)


Big Freedia’s (Rent) was a song that was performed as a dance routine by the actresses in the film, Work It. When this single was first released in 2018, it came from her album, 3rd Ward Bounce. Although it failed to make an impression on any of the music charts, (Rent) serves its purpose as a decent dance number that also passes as part of a good workout routine.

20. Feelin’ It (performed by Danger Twins)


As a freestyle workout song, (Feelin’ It), as performed by Danger Twins, served as a montage of the dancers training in the movie, Work It. As a tune on the soundtrack, it also serves the same purpose for a decent opportunity to put in a soulful workout where its more about the impact rather than the speed.

19. Baby, Baby (performed by Tropkillaz)


In Work It, (Baby, Baby) was the intro track featuring the main character, Quinn, and her Thunderbirds dance team. The Brazilian production duo, Tropkillaz, is best known for their 2019 hit, Bola Rebola. Separately, J Balvin has enjoyed a phenomenal career as a solo artist so far while the other half of this dynamic team, Anitta, can also say the same for herself.

18. Do It Like This (performed by Daphne Willis)


Instructive and entertaining, (Do It Like This) by Daphne Willis serves as a great tune to get encouraged and perhaps learn some new moves, either as a dancer or as a workout enthusiast. In 2017, Daphne Willis was the lyrical talent behind this song, which was written by songwriting genius, Mike Sabath. Sabath is the same writer who wrote “Mess” for Jordan Fisher in 2017, which was another song featured in Work It’s film and soundtrack. The star of the movie, Sabrina Carpenter, also used Sabath’s written material in her recording career.

17. Have a Good Time (performed by Matthew Brian Bento & Zeeko)


(Have a Good Time) was a collaborative R&B song performed by Matthew Brian Bento and Zeeko for the movie, Work It. It hasn’t been the first time Bento would find his soulful music in feature films, thanks to the smooth delivery of the man’s crystal-clear vocals and amazing lyrical talent. This song was also featured in the movie, Culture Beats 2. In work It, (Have a Good Time) was playing in the background as the character, Jake, was speaking with the main character, Quinn, after the qualifying round of the dancers.

16. Wow (performed by Zara Larsson)


Swedish singer, Zara Larsson, brought forth the (Wow) as a promotional single in 2019, then featured in the movie, Work It, in 2020. As a favorite dance number, it was most popular in Scotland as it peaked as high as number four on its official music chart. On the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40, it peaked as high as number thirty-one and was a number eleven hit on the US Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart. As a song of self-confidence, (Wow) was actually first used in a commercial for Citibank before it became a song choice for Work It’s film and soundtrack. In Brazil, (Wow) became certified platinum while in Poland it sold enough copies to become certified gold.

15. Purl (performed by KAMAUU)


(Purl), performed by KAMAUU, was one of the dance routines that the team, Thunderbirds, used as one of their entries in the Work It dance competition. Coming from the 2017 mixtape, TheKAMAU-CASSETTE: uRTH GoLD, (Purl) featured KAMAUU’s distinctive rap style, mixing African sounds with American hip-hop as a fun-loving dance number that remains a club favorite worldwide.

14. Cool (by Dua Lipa)


(Cool) was one of two songs performed by Dua Lipa that was featured on the Work It soundtrack. It was also one of two songs from her multi-platinum selling album, Future Nostalgia. Although (Cool) was not released as a single like (Break My Heart) was, it still deserves to be recognized as one of the best songs from the soundtrack’s playlist.

13. Treat Myself (performed by Meghan Trainor)


In Work It, (Treat Myself) was the Meghan Trainor song that played while the main character, Quinn, met with her friend on her way to high school. As part of the tracklist from Trainor’s Target deluxe edition bonus tracks for the album also titled Treat Myself, this song is also featured on the movie soundtrack.

12. Mess (performed by Jordan Fisher)


In the movie, (Mess) was the music video performed by Jake, which was played by Jordan Fisher. This single was originally released in 2017 as a non-album single but failed to make a big enough impression to become a registered hit on any of the official music charts.

11. Teach Me (performed by Joey Bada$$ and Kiesza)


In the movie, Work It, (Teach Me) was the final dance routine by the main character, Quinn, and her team, TBD. In the Work It competition, it was enough to narrowly beat out the previously undefeated Thunderbirds. For Joey Bada$$, this was a song that was added to his studio album, B4.Da.$$, as a deluxe add-on since its original 2015 release.

10. Let Me Move You (performed by Sabrina Carpenter)


Although catchy enough in the movie, Work It, (Let Me Move You) was a single performed by Sabrina Carpenter, who also happened to play the lead character, Quinn. While the song certainly works as a great dance routine, it failed to make an appearance on any of the official music charts when it was released in 2020.

9. Satisfied (performed by Galantis and Max Schneider)


Galantis and Max Schneider performed the single, (Satisfied), for the film and soundtrack, Work It, in 2020. On the US Billboard Dance/Electronic Songs chart, it peaked at number twenty-two. It also became a number thirty-nine hit on the Official New Zealand Singles Chart and a number eighty-five hit in Sweden.

8. Ooh La La (performed by Goldfrapp)


Coming from Goldfrapp’s third studio album, Supernature, the 2005 hit (Ooh La La) became a number one hit on the US Billboard Hot Dance Songs chart, as well as a chart-topping favorite in Spain. It was a global fan favorite, especially in the dance clubs and parties. Best known for the electronic meets disco style, the duo behind Goldfrapp witness (Ooh La La) earn a Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2006, only to lose out to Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back.

7. Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na) (performed by Static & Ben-El and Pitbull)


The combined talent of Static & Ben-El and Pitbull brought forth the performance of (Further Up (Na, Na, Na, Na, Na) as a “feel the groove” number. In the movie, it was played while the new team of dancers literally felt out their best moves. As a tune from the soundtrack, the urge to simply get up and move is too irresistible to ignore. Released in 2020, the Israeli duo of Static & Ben-El recruited Pitbull to collaborate with them in what felt like a catchy reggae rap number. In addition to becoming a number one hit in Israel and Turkey, it was also a number one hit on the US Billboard Latin Airplay chart. On the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, it peaked as high as number fifteen. This is a great dance tune to just sink into and enjoy.

6. Motivation (performed by Normani)


In 2019, (Motivation) performed by Normani won a Song of The Summer That Was Released Too Late award with W Magazine. For Normani, it was her first solo single that did not feature another artist. Certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), (Motivation) was also commercially successful on a global level. It also became platinum in Australia and diamond in Brazil. Regarded as a perfectly crafted pop song according to Forbes Magazine, (Motivation) has rightfully earned its place as one of the best on the Work It tracklist. On the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at number thirty-three while on the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart it shot even higher at number nine. Globally, it was at least a top forty hit among a multitude of nations spanning Europe, Oceania, and South America.

5. Thinkin’ Bout You (performed by Ciara)


In the movie, Work It, (Thinkin’ Bout You) by Ciara was the song playing that finally saw the main character, Quinn, finally discover her niche groove as a dancer. On the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs chart, it was a number twenty hit as a release from her 2019 album, Beauty Marks. The flavor of 1980s-style disco and pop is featured in this fun dance tune.

4. I Am the Best (Nae Ga Je Il Jal Na Ga) (performed by 2NE1)


The K-pop sensation, 2NE1, performed (I Am the Best (Nae Ga Je II Jal Na Ga) as one of their hit singles in YEAR. In the movie, it was one of the dance numbers the Thunderbirds from Work It used as one of their dance routines in the competition. In Korean, Nae Ga Je II Jal Na Ga translates to “I Am the Best” in English. When this song was released in 2011, 2NE1 was among the most popular all-girl K-pop bands in the Asian nations. Globally, including in America and Canada, they were also immensely popular by a fan base who developed a flavor in the heavy-pop tunes that were coming from the Far East. In 2011, (I Am the Best) won a series of awards. The Mnet Asian Music Awards recognized it as Song of the Year in 2011 while the Korean Music Awards awarded it as Best Dance & Electronic Song. 2011 and 2012 saw 2NE1 at the height of their success and (I Am the Best) is still regarded as the group’s signature song.

3. I Can’t Wait (performed by Nu Shooz)


(I Can’t Wait) was one of two hit singles released from Nu Shooz that became immensely popular after it was first released in 1986. In the movie, it was used as a pop-dance routine. For the soundtrack, the change of pace from much of the hip-hop and freestyle sounds is somewhat welcome as a means to simply switch things up. (I Can’t Wait) peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was a number one hit on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. and in Canada. Nation for nation, it was at least a top forty hit on their official music charts and still remains a dance club favorite today.

2. Get On Your Feet (by Gloria Estefan)


As a single, (Get On Your Feet) by Gloria Estefan was a favorite dance hit when it was first released in 1989. In the movie, it was the song used by Quinn’s mom, hoping to encourage her to the college admission she was scheduled for the next day. When this song was first released, it was a global sensation that charted as high as number eleven on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was a fan favorite around the world, especially in dance clubs and the trendiest parties that were held at that time. Even forty years later, (Get On Your Feet) remains a solid favorite, keeping longtime fans of Gloria Estefan as well as winning over new ones.

1. Break My Heart (by Dua Lipa)


Dua Lipa’s (Break My Heart) was a number one hit on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart and peaked at number thirteen on the US Billboard Hot 100. This mega-hit joined the ranks of Dua Lipa’s impressive roster of multi-platinum singles at a worldwide level as millions of fans all over the globe simply can’t get enough of this amazing talent. In the movie, Work It, (Break My Heart) certainly did it justice, and to see it also featured in the soundtrack just makes it that much better.

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