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Tony Iommi Reveals How BLACK SABBATH Success Paranoid Album

Tomy Iommi reveals how BLACK SABBATH success ‘Paranoid‘ album and memories. He also recalls his embarrassing fight story.

BLACK SABBATH recently celebrates their ‘Paranoid‘ album for the 50th anniversary. Iommi also reveals his new album project in the latest interview. In this new project, he works with Nick Mason. The other known musicians are contributed that probably THE ROLLING STONES guitarist Ronnie Wood.

Before that album, he also tells his 1970’s memories and ‘Paranoid’ album to the Raised On Radio show:

“How ‘Paranoid’ came about – we came into Regent Sound Studios in London to record the album. But, we didn’t have enough tracks, to be honest, to fill the album. So, in the lunch hour, everybody went for lunch, I sat there and I came up with this riff, which became ‘Paranoid.’

So, when everybody came back, I started playing it to them and said, ‘What do you think?’ And they said, ‘Oh, yeah, we like it!’

I said, ‘Should we record it?’ And they said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!’ So, Geezer Butler, bassist wrote some lyrics for Ozzy Osbourne, vocalist, Ozzy got a melody line, and we went into the studio and recorded it.

It was simple as that – quick as that. And that track blew me, honestly, you can’t believe the impact it had on the world – that’s been No. 1 all over the place. From a track that was just a filler to a major hit, it is just amazing – and I was thrilled, to be honest. So, that’s how that track came about.

Tomy Iommi also tells his fight memory:

“But also, I remember when I was in that studio, I had a great, big black eye. What happened there, we were in a fight a couple of days before that with some skinheads – because we had long hair and they didn’t like it, so they started a fight. We were due to have some photographs taken for the album cover and various other stuff. And, oh, it was so embarrassing, I had this big shiner. It haunts me to this day, I still see pictures now from the ’70s where I got this black eye, and it looks marvelous. But, it’s what you do, that’s what happens in this business, it’s one of those things.”

You can also pre-order BLACK SABBATH‘s ‘Paranoid’ album 50th anniversary here.

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