TOOL’s ”Fear Inoculum” song ”Invincible” Headbang Effect on a Toddler

One of the funny videos of a young boy has shown online. His rhythms with the TOOL band’s latest ”Invincible” song has just impressed the viewers.

The short clip shows a toddler is rocking and headbanging while the band’s ”Fear Inoculum” plays on his family’s TV.

The video was seen in December. They note that the video had only 20 views then it raised up to more than 8,000.

The young boy’s moves and noddings synchronize just well enough to makes him looks like a little TOOL fan. No doubts, The Batman-pyjama-wearing boy cheers everybody up with this record.

TOOL released ”Fear Inoculum” which is their first album in 2019. From NME reporter said that this is ” At times, a languid and blissful work, one that will richly reward future listens. They are the ‘feeling person’s’ metal band.”

Also, the other rock and metal bands have seen their young fans’ moves with their songs. This reminds us of a five-year-old Slipknot fan who was viral after showing his air-drumming performance at a UK show last year.

Furthermore, in 2019, another five-year-old boy was invited on stage by Foo Fighters after his impressive moves at a Belfast gig.

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