The 10 Best Brett Eldredge Songs of All-Time

Brett Eldredge

The world is a better place when there’s great country music. It brings people together, makes them happy, and, most importantly, makes them dance. A big reason for the genre’s success is up-and-coming artists taking over. One of our favorite up-and-comers is Brett Eldredge. Not only does he have a good-looking goofy personality, but he can sing too. But we’re not talking can. We’ve compiled the ten best Brett Eldredge songs of all time for your listening and dancing pleasure.

10. Castaway


Brett Eldredge’s album Illinois title track, Castaway. Brett wrote it along with his producer Ross Copperman and Jimmy Robbins. The song is about finding love while you’re on vacation at an island resort. Who knows, maybe this song will get you a special trip to get away from it all with your loved one.

9. The Reason


This is one of Brett’s many #1 Billboard songs. It hit No. 1 and stayed there for four consecutive weeks. This song made a list because of all the great artists who performed this song during CMA week with Brett. Some include Luke Bryan, Kacey Musgraves, and Sam Hunt.

8. The Long Way


Another one of Brett’s #1 songs, “The Long Way,” was released, and it ended up being ranked No. 1 on iTunes Top Country Songs list. This song tells a story about how Brett Eldredge wanted to take his girlfriend out for a nice evening and stop for some drinks on the way. But she wanted to take the longer, scenic route and enjoy their date together. So Brett decided to make this song about how he planned it all along.

7. Wanna Be That Song


Brett himself wrote many songs on this album, but one was co-written with Josh Osborne, and David Garcia called “Wanna Be That Song .” The song is about Brett wanting to find that song that is perfect for him and all the hard work that goes into it. He not only wants to find that song, but he also wants to be that song for someone else.

6. You Can’t Stop Me (featuring Thomas Rhett)


Brett’s song, “You Can’t Stop Me,” happens to be the sixth single from his second studio album Illinois. The song is a duet with fellow country singer Thomas Rhett, and it has a catchy beat. It’s about how Brett thinks that he can go out and win anyone’s heart. In this case, it’s the girl from the red dress at the bar. He thinks he can talk his way into the girl’s heart too.

5. Illinois


CMT interviewed Brett, and he said it took him three days to write this song. It truly shows how great the lyrics are because they tell a story about growing up in Virgil, Illinois. It’s a small town with big dreams, and the people there are all very hard-working. Brett also really wants to take his listeners on an emotional roller coaster by making them smile, laugh, cry, and scream.

4. Time Well Spent


Brett Eldredge is known for his touching songs about women, but this one isn’t really about women. It’s more taking some time to yourself and spending it on someone important to you. “Time Well Spent” happened to be the fourth single from Illinois and was co-written by Brett and Ross Copperman, Jon Randall, and Jim Beavers. This is an uplifting song about spending time with the ones you love.

3. Mean To Me


Mean to Me is a song about how Brett Eldredge was at a bar and saw a beautiful woman he wanted to dance with. But, instead of going over and asking her, he decides to sit back and watch her from afar. He starts singing the song to her about everything he would do for this woman if she were his. This song is actually about how Brett Eldredge never asks this beautiful woman to dance, but instead, he lets her move on with someone else.

2. Beat Of the Music


Brett Eldredge said that “Beat of the Music” was one of his favorite songs he has ever written. The song is about Brett’s love for the country music scene. It’s not just a place where he comes to perform, but it is also his home away from home. He feels so comfortable being around his friends and family, so he sings about how exciting it is to be at the “Beat of the Music.”

1. Don’t Ya


“Don’t Ya” is the first single from Brett Eldregde’s third studio album, Glow. The song is about not wanting to be with someone who isn’t all in and ready for a relationship. Brett wants them to show him that they’re just as excited as he is and that they want to be together, not just sit around and wait on him. He wants someone ready to take things a step further.


With the emotional side of Brett Eldredge’s lyrics, you can’t help but fall in love with all his songs. From upbeat favorites like “Beat Of The Music” to heart-wrenching tunes like “Time Well Spent,” there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to give this list a listen and add some of these songs to your playlist.

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