Lamb of God new album is recorded and “coming soon”

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has announced a new album is done and “coming soon,” message. The band also wants to release it the before summer of 2020.

Lamb of God’s ninth studio album release, and their first offering since 2015’s VII: Sturm und Drang. 4 years later at the end of 2019 by releasing a teaser video in their Instagram account for an upcoming studio album. Today, they announce in a few shows programs to finish recording sessions with new drummer Art Cruz. According to Morton in an interview with Trunk Nation, who is also Art Cruz replaced original drummer Chris Adler in 2019. But has been filling his place to live since 2018.

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“We’ve got new music coming soon. And I really, really couldn’t be more excited about it. There’s a whole fresh new energy in the band. It’s our first recordings with Art. Art’s been playing drums with us now for a couple of years, but these are the first songs that we’ve written and recorded with him there. And it’s just a thrill to see these things come to life. And I couldn’t be happier with how the record is turning out, and I’m excited for the world to hear that. There’s gonna be a lot of touring around that, so we’re gonna be super busy on the road.”

After Morton added that no certain release date is yet planned:

“There’s not. There’s a time frame. I don’t actually know a date — they haven’t announced yet. But I would think — first half of the year, I think.”

Lamb of God wants to release this upcoming album the before summer of 2020. Also, the band plans to headline the Mayhem Fest this year with Megadeth. Check out the teaser video and latest Mark Morton interview below.


Mark Morton’s SiriusXM interview

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