Tye Trujillo and Noah Weiland Form New Band, Blu Weekend

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If you had told Tye Trujillo and Noah Weiland that they would come together to form a band, they probably would have laughed in mockery. The two had crossed paths in one band, and Trujillo had to fire Weiland eventually for the sake of the band’s continuity. Still, barely six months after going their separate ways, the two young men have joined forces to form a new band, Blu Weekend. It is no surprise that they are gifted musicians because music runs in their blood; Trujillo is son to Robert Trujillo, Metallica’s bassist, while Weiland is the son to the late Scott Weiland, who fronted Stone Temple Pilots. Here’s everything you need to know about the formation of Blue Weekend.

The Two Were Bandmates before

In November 2020, al.com published that Suspect208 had released their debut single, which showed potential. As per the article, while other bands wait until later to release the best single in an upcoming album, Suspect208 had set itself apart with “Long Awaited.” The single took less than two months to garner a million views on YouTube. The band was formed by Weiland, who, like his father, was the lead singer, Trujillo, was the bassist, and London Hudson, Slash’s son, on drums. They brought in Niko Tsangaris to be the guitarist. Unfortunately, the prediction of Suspect208 being headed for greatness was wrong because they disbanded after members left one by one. At first, they had to fire Weiland for his drug use, which infuriated the vocalist. He posted on his Instagram story how the band had gone behind his back to change the band’s vision before kicking him out. Hudson and Trujillo said firing the singer was necessary for the band’s longevity and Weiland’s safety. However, it did not take long before Trujillo also left. The band’s life was cut short because, as Tsangaris told Guitar, they did not want to continue without Trujillo and add new members.

Forming Blu Weekend

Consequently, Tsangaris and Hudson teamed up to form their own band, S8nt Elektric, because they were the only remaining members; even Weiland’s replacement Cody Houston, had quit after becoming a father. You would expect Weiland to be angry at Trujillo for kicking him out of Suspect208, but the two have now partnered to form Blu Weekend. Taking up their previous lead vocalist and bassist roles, Weiland and Trujillo completed the lineup with Jackson Morris on drums and Anthony Laurie, the guitarist. The four know each other well, considering that Laurie is friends with Trujillo while Morris is Laurie’s friend; thus, the chemistry was instant.

The first song Blu Weekend performed was Weiland’s “Shark Attack’ during the iHollywood Film Fest. They say the new band will be different from Suspect208 because it will have a punk vibe meaning they will be playing whatever they feel is right. Weiland hates being compared to any other band, and even while at Suspect208, he hated people comparing the band’s music to Velvet Revolvers simply because the latter featured Slash and Scott. As the lead singer, he clarified that he never writes down his songs and usually comes up with lyrics on the spot because he does not want to sound like anyone else. With such creativity, we can rest assured that Blu Weekend’s music will be like no other we have ever heard.

Trujillo was Already in the Limelight

Trujillo’s father told Louder Sound that when his son was one, he had a plastic guitar which he played until it was worn out. The little boy also showed interest in drums, but it seems that bass guitar has stuck with him to date. Robert is so proud of his son that when he bumped into Davis and Fieldy of Korn at that airport, he asked them if they had seen his son playing the bass. Fieldy had been blown away by Trujillo’s bass playing skills because he followed the young boy on Instagram. He, therefore, told Robert about how impressed he was and asked if his son could fill in for him when the band went to South America to perform. Robert thought Fieldy was joking until Fieldy sent him the setlist. The Korn bassist contacted Robert again a few months later, at which point Robert asked Tye if he would be interested. With his son being only 12 at the time, Robert had to confirm if he would be available to go with him in case of anything. Fate had already conspired in their favor because the dates Korn was supposed to play, Robert would be off. Hence Trujillo joined Korn in their South American tour after proving himself worthy of replacing Fieldy. Fieldy will be sitting out on Korn’s summer US tour, and Trujillo said he would be glad to once again fill in for him. The Korn bassist told Ultimate Guitar that he did not mind and he keeps his bandmates in the loop so they can always make informed decisions. Since they already consider Trujillo a novelty, most likely, Korn will seek him when the time comes.

The Future of Blu Weekend’s Success Rests on Weiland

Weiland is a master of developing lyrics even without writing them down; hence when he slacked off, he had to be fired from Susoect208. For two months, Weiland allegedly neither lifted his weight in the band nor wrote any lyrics thanks to his drug use. Since then, he probably has gotten his act together; thus, Blu Weekend made their debut with one of his songs, proving that the singer is exceptionally gifted. However, if history repeats itself and Weiland goes down the same dark path as his father, Blu Weekend is doomed. According to Addiction Center, Weiland’s father had been a long-time addict to heroin and other drugs. He is said to have been fighting demons, and the drugs were his escape. Scott died from an accidental drug overdose, and you would expect Weiland to learn from his father’s mistakes. We hope that Weiland stays clean because he is such a talented singer and songwriter; with him fronting Blu Weekend, the musicians will scale new heights in their chosen genre.

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