The 10 Best Ari Lennox Songs of All-Time

Ari Lennox is an American singer who started by posting her music online. It seems safe to say that she received a positive response because she succeeded in securing a contract by her 20s.

From there, Lennox has steadily carved out a market share by releasing music on her own and in partnership with others. So far, she has released two studio albums and four EPs. More seem guaranteed for the future.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Ari Lennox songs released so far:

10. “Queen Space”

“Queen Space” is one of the more recent songs on this list. It is the product of a collaboration between Lennox and Summer Walker. The former takes the lead, while the latter provides support.

This isn’t the first time Lennox and Walker have worked together, which is evident in how this song flows so smoothly. Subject-wise, “Queen Space” is an excellent reminder that one’s love isn’t something others are entitled to. As such, people should be confident enough to expect good treatment from their significant others rather than let themselves be pushed around.

9. “Waste My Time”

Similarly, “Waste My Time” is another recent release. Due to that, Lennox’s hard-earned experience shows on this track in a way that it doesn’t for this track’s earlier counterparts. She is very open when it comes to the sexual component of relationships. “Waste My Time” is another single along these lines.

8. “La La La La”

Breakups are painful. That is particularly true when they aren’t clean breaks, thus leaving the potential for everything to fester. Despite that, there are good reasons why people so often struggle to manage clean breaks, meaning the issue is very sympathetic. “La La La La” draws upon these sentiments for its emotional power.

The narrator knows that her current situation won’t work well. Despite that, she can’t just pull away, not least because she isn’t wholly convinced that she wants to pull away.

7. “New Apartment”

“New Apartment” is a much more introspective song than interested individuals might expect. It opens with the narrator reveling in the fact that she now has an apartment of her own.

We don’t hear much about what it is like, but we don’t have much reason to believe that it is particularly extravagant. That doesn’t matter. After all, the critical part is that the narrator now has an apartment of her own, meaning she gets to decide what to do in it without any need to consult other people. Suffice it to say that can be quite a rush.

That said, “New Apartment” then sees the narrator ejecting someone from her home because she took offense to something they said. This is followed by her realization that material assets aren’t the only things that matter to her. Alas, she still needs people, which made for a very amusing conclusion to the whole thing.

6. “Broke”

“Broke” is the product of a collaboration between Lennox and JID. That is important because the song is focused on a couple whose relationship is running into issues because of their money problems.

Once again, this is a very relatable issue. Yes, love can empower people to overcome incredible challenges. Sadly, it is far from invincible, meaning it can be worn down over time. It isn’t a coincidence that financial woes are one of the leading causes of divorces.

5. “Greater”

“Greater” didn’t come out on one of Lennox’s releases. Instead, it is a track on the compilation album Revenge of the Dreamers III. The lyrics aren’t particularly complicated. What makes “Greater” special is how Lennox was able to cut loose on the song by showing some of her remarkable vocal skill and range.

4. “Up Late”

Given Lennox’s general choice of subjects, chances are good interested individuals can guess what she sings about in this song. That said, it is every bit as melodious as the rest of her releases, meaning it has more than earned its position on this list.

3. “BMO”

Length does not correlate with song quality. One short song might never get anywhere. In contrast, another can do what it wants to do before ending on a metaphorical high note, thus making it short and sweet.

“BMO” is very much an example of the latter. Moreover, it is an interesting example of just how much a good producer can contribute. As the story goes, Omen was responsible for introducing the song’s distinctive bass line upon Lennox’s manager’s suggestion, thus resulting in one of the song’s most recognizable elements. Without that, “BMO” might have never been.

2. “Pressure”

Radioplay isn’t quite as indicative of a song’s popularity as it used to be. Still, “Pressure” is notable for being Lennox’s most popular song in this regard. After all, it reached the number 66 position on the Billboard Hot 100.

On top of that, it secured the number eight position on the Hot R&B Songs chart and the number one position on the Adult R&B Songs chart, meaning none of Lennox’s other releases even came close. “Pressure” is a great reminder that Lennox is continuing strong, seeing as how it is a 2021 release.

1. “Shea Butter Baby”

“Shea Butter Baby” should be Lennox’s best-known song. Certainly, it is her best-selling release, seeing as how it went platinum in the United States. Even if people don’t recognize it because of Lennox, they might recognize it because of its inclusion in Creed II. Regardless, her vocals paired magnificently with J.Cole, thus making for a song to remember.

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