The 10 Best Garth Brooks Songs of All Time

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks is a country music singer and songwriter who was born in Oklahoma on February 7, 1962. He began his career in the music industry in 1985. Brooks is known for combining country music with pop and rock elements, which means he has succeeded in crossing over from country music to the mainstream pop arena. He is one of the most successful artists in country music, and he is the only artist in music history to have nine albums that have achieved diamond status in the United States. During his career, Garth Brooks has released 16 studio albums, 25 music videos, seven box sets, three compilation albums, two live albums, 67 singles, and 13 other charted songs. Here are the 10 best Garth Brooks songs of all time.

10. Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up) (1993)


‘Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up)’ was the first single Brooks released from his fifth studio album, ‘In Pieces.’ It was a number one hit on the country charts in both Canada and the United States. Brooks co-wrote the track with Kent Blazy and Kim Williams. It is about a teenage girl going out for a date and being given a time by which she must return home. After missing the deadline, she is punished and grounded but still sneaks out the following night.

9. Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old) (1989)


The first single Brooks released was ‘Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old). It was released in 1989, and it was the first single released from his self-titled debut album. It reached number eight in the United States country chart and number nine on the Canadian country chart. These were impressive positions for a debut single. It is about a rodeo cowboy who is finding it difficult to continue competing.

8. Papa Loved Mama (1992)


‘Papa Loved Mama’ is a song about a trucker’s son reflecting on trauma from his childhood. His father being a truck driver and spending time away from home led to his mother committing adultery. When his father returned home unexpectedly, he discovered that his wife was in a motel with her lover. In a rage, the truck driver drove his truck through the motel room, killing his wife. This song was on the album ‘Ropin’ with the Wind.’

7. The River (1992)


In 1992, Garth Brooks released four singles, including two from the album ‘Ropin’ the Wind.’ One of these was ‘The River,’ which was a chart-topping country hit in the United States and Canada. Brooks co-wrote the song with Victoria Shaw, and it is a mid-tempo country-pop ballad about pursuing your dreams. He was inspired to write the song by James Taylor, his childhood hero. Many fans have written to Brooks describing this song as an inspiration.

6. The Thunder Rolls (1991)


For the fifth time in a row, Garth Brooks topped the Canadian and US country charts when he released ‘The Thunder Rolls’ in 1991. It was the third single released from the album ‘No Fences.’ Brooks co-wrote the song with Pat Alger, and it was produced by Allen Reynolds. Pat Alger also plays the acoustic guitar on this track.

5. Unanswered Prayers (1990)


‘Unanswered Prayers’ was the second single released from Brooks’ second studio album, ‘No Fences.’ It was Brooks’ third consecutive song to top the country charts in both the United States and Canada. Brooks has explained that the theme of the song is based on a true-life experience. At the beginning of his marriage, he believed that the true love of his life was a girl that he was with while at high school. However, he came to realize that his wife was the best woman for him.

4. More Than a Memory (2007)


The recent of Garth Brooks’ number one hits is ‘More Than a Memory,’ which was released in 2007 and featured on the album ‘The Ultimate Hits.’ The song was written by Lee Brice, Billy Montana, and Kyle Jacobs. It is a mid-tempo ballad that is accompanied by pedal steel guitar, piano, and a string section. The track is about a man who misses his ex-girlfriend and avoids sleep to prevent himself from dreaming about her.

3. Friends in Low Places (1990)


Following on from the success of his debut album, Garth Brooks released his second album, ‘No Fences.’ ‘Friends in Low Places’ was his first single from this album, and it achieved instant success, reaching number one on the country charts in Canada and the United States. The song was written by Earl Bud Lee and Dewayne Blackwell. It won the Country Music Association Single of the Year Award and the Academy of Country Music Single of the Year Award.

2. If Tomorrow Never Comes (1989)


‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ was the second single released by Garth Brooks and his first number one hit in the United States. This song reached number two on the Canadian country chart. It was one of the singles released from Brooks’ self-titled debut album. Garth Brooks co-wrote the love song with Kent Blazy.

1. The Dance (1989)


According to The Boot, the best Garth Brooks song is ‘The Dance.’ It topped the country charts in both the United States and Canada. This song was written by Tony Arata, and it featured as the tenth and final track from Garth Brooks’ self-titled album. Brooks has said that the song has two meanings. First, it is a song about love and a passionate relationship ending. Second, it is about someone dying because of their beliefs.

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