The 10 Best Jacquees Songs of All-Time


Jacquees has been making waves as one of the most promising young artists coming out of Decatur, Georgia, for a few years. From his three mix tape albums to his newest studio work, Jacquees has delivered on all fronts. His expansive catalog includes plenty of songs that fall into the best category possible: good enough to play on repeat for hours at a time. He has an innate understanding of what makes a great R&B song and puts his spin on things to make them even better. If you’re looking for the ultimate Jacquees playlist, look no further. Here are the 10 best Jacquees songs of all time.

10. Come Thru ft Rich Homie Quan

Jacquees is a talented artist who believes in putting his spin on things, exactly what he did on “Come Thru” with Rich Homie Quan. According to Exposeuk, He flipped the popular Migos flow and made it his own, earning a spot at the top of the Billboard Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart. Jacquees’ vocals never sounded so smooth and fluid before, making this song one of his standout cuts during the early stages of his career. It would eventually go on to rack up over 100 million Spotify streams.

9. You Belong To Somebody Else ft Dej Loaf

On his breakthrough mix tape, Jacquees surprised fans with a cover of The Isley Brothers’ “You Belong To Somebody Else.” The original is already a classic, but the update from Jacquees is one of his best renditions. Dej Loaf is featured on the record and provides a solid verse that will have you swooning over its heart-filled lyrics. There’s something about this song that speaks to love in general and how it can make some people feel like they belong with someone else. Peaked at number 33 on the Adult R&B chart, this song is one of Jacquees’ most slept-on tracks but deserves more attention.

8. London

If there’s one type of song Jacquees does best, it’s the inspirational tune. “London” is about the city of London and the special bond it shares with its residents. The lyrics are reflective and thoughtful, making it a song you can blast in your car and sit back to soak up all the positive vibes. It’s a fantastic way to get in touch with your feelings and reflect on where you came from, where you’re going and what you believe in.

7. Inside ft Trey Songz

‘Inside’ was one of the first songs that showcased Jacquees’ vocal prowess. The track features a duet with R&B singer Trey Songz, and the two artists complement each other perfectly. Jacquees’ falsetto is on full display throughout the track, and he sounds amazing. Released in 2018, ‘Inside’ is a timeless R&B ballad that will continue to be loved for many years. The track is also notable for its incredible production, which creates a smooth and sensual soundscape.

6. M.I.A. ft Birdman

In 2016, Jacquees teamed up with Cash Money boss Birdman for the track “M.I.A.” The song, produced by London on Da Track, finds Jacquees singing about a woman he’s fallen for who seems to be playing hard to get. “M.I.A.” is a smooth, laid-back track that showcases Jacquees’ impressive vocal range and demonstrates his ability to craft catchy hooks. The song quickly became a fan favorite and drew in listeners who might not have been familiar with Jacquees’ music. With its summery vibe and Jacquees’ charming vocal performance, “M.I.A.” is one of the best Jacquees songs of all time.

5. At The Club ft Dej Loaf

Released in 2017, At The Club is a smooth R&B track that features fellow Decatur artist Dej Loaf. According to Xttrawave, It’s a song about, you guessed it, going to the club and trying to pick someone up. The lyrics are about as close to pick-up artist territory as you can, but Jacquees pulls it off with his usual charm and charisma. It’s hard to deny Jacquees’ appeal when he’s crooning atop a delectable beat as the one Dej Loaf blesses him with on “At The Club.” They delivered a passionate and seductive vocal performance that will get listeners in the mood. The song is about two people who are clearly attracted to each other and just trying to let loose and have a good time, making it the perfect track for a night out on the town.

4. Presidential ft Birdman & Trey Songz

“Presidential” is the perfect example of Jacquees’ R&B sensibilities. The song features classic beats, with some nice bass and drums that give the track an edge. The production is complimented perfectly by Jacquees’ smooth vocals and lyrics about, what else, getting busy with a lady friend. The song also features some nice contributions from Birdman and Trey Songz, who add a bit of variety to the track. Jacquees holds his own on the song, but it’s nice to see him working with other big names in the industry.

3. 23

This song was officially released as a single in 2018 but leaked online a few months prior. It’s a fun, upbeat track that perfectly showcases Jacquees’ vocal abilities. The lyrics are about a young woman trying to enjoy her life, despite the haters. Jacquees encourages her to stay strong and ignore the negativity, which is a great message for all the young ladies. “23” is one of Jacquees’ most underrated songs, but it’s worth a listen (or ten).

2. Hold You Down (Remix) ft Boosie

When you reach this point in the article, it might be safe to say that you’ve been enjoying Jacquees’ music for quite some time. After all, this is the tenth song on this list, which means there’s a bunch more from his expansive catalog to enjoy. Even though the solo version of “Hold You Down” is fantastic, it’s even better when he teams up with a legend like Boosie for a remix.

1. B.E.D.

B.E.D. was Jacquees’ breakout hit that put him on the map. It’s a sultry track about wanting to take things slow with someone special. The production is top-notch, and Jacquees’ vocals are smooth and seductive. The lyrics are simple but effective, and the song is just incredibly catchy. According to Disctech, It’s no wonder this was the song that made people sit up and take notice of Jacquees. The song peaked at 19 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it his highest-charting single. Released in 2016, B.E.D. is still Jacquees’ most streamed song on Spotify, with over 100 million plays. It’s the perfect introduction to his music and a sign of great things.


We’ve seen plenty of artists spend years honing and perfecting their craft before ever making it big, but Jacquees has embraced his artistry from day one. He’s a self-proclaimed hustler who puts in the work and is dedicated to giving fans a good time. There’s no telling what the future holds for him beyond the next short-term milestone; after all, he’s just getting started. But if his past indicates what’s to come, we’re in for a treat. So sit back, relax and enjoy the best Jacquees songs.

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