The 10 Best Kid Cudi Songs of All-Time

When Kid Cudi released his debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, in 2009, he quickly became one of the most talked-about new artists in hip-hop. Many believed that he had the talent to become one of the genre’s hottest rising stars. Plus, having a co-sign from Kanye West certainly didn’t hurt. While there’s no denying the fact that Kid Cudi is extremely talented, some personal issues caused his career to struggle a bit. Despite all of the things he’s gone through, though, Kid Cudi is still making great music and his fans are thankful that he hasn’t given up on his craft. Keep reading to see our take on the 10 best Kid Cudi songs of all time.

10. Troubled Boy


“Troubled Boy” isn’t one of Kid Cudi’s most popular songs, but it deserves way more attention than it’s gotten over the years. The song has a sad and vulnerable tone that is often found in Kudi’s music, but it also has a very calming quality that makes it easy to listen to.

9. Mr. Rager


One of the things that makes Kid Cudi’s music so special is the fact that a lot of his songs have aged very well, and “Mr. Rager” is a great example. Even more than 10 years after the song’s release, it still sounds great. In a tweet in 2013, Cudi explained the meaning behind a song saying, “Mr Rager was about almost overdosing one time. “When will the fantasy end”? (Life) “When will the heaven begin?” (Death).”

8. Rose Golden


With a feature from Willow Smith, “Rose Golden” is a catchy song that is fun and vibrant. In the chorus, Cudi and Willow sing, “Oh, since I was young, been grooving to my own drum/Ain’t that many teachers show me my potential/Felt like a failure, Mama said, “You know better”/Future in my hands, God, she had a plan”.

7. Erase Me


Any time Kid Cudi and Kanye hop on a track together, you can almost bet that it’s going to be something special. “Erase Me” is proof of that. The collaboration is creative and even though the song is about unrequited love, they manage to make it sound good.

6. Frequency


Although there are lots of times when artists should be separated from their art, Kid Cudi’s “Frequency” feels strangely autobiographical. In the song, he raps/sings about the various things that make up his “frequency”. There are several things he could mean by the use of the word frequency, but it seems that he’s referring to his overall vibe as a person.

5. Girls


Making a song for the ladies is par for the course in every genre of music and “Girls” is one of Kid Cudi’s offerings. This isn’t a love song, though, it’s more of an ode to all of the pretty girls out there. However, Kid Cudi is sure to let the world know that he doesn’t discriminate.

4. Make Her Say


“Make Her Say” is one of Kid Cudi’s most popular songs. With a catchy sample from Lady Gaga and an uptempo beat, this song had all of the things it needed to be a main stream success. But just because the song had commercial appeal doesn’t mean that Kid Cudi didn’t bring his A game.

3. Mr. Solo Dolo


Throughout his career, Kid Cudi has been very open about the fact that he’s struggled with depression and other mental health issues. In “Mr. Solo Dolo” also known as “Solo Dolo” he confronts his mental health head on as he sings, “Listen good, I don’t have nobody/But what I might feel are the sounds of sanity/Hoping what I hear loops itself continuously /Then I won’t be afraid, no, no”.

2. Immortal


Having super powers is something that everyone has thought about at least once. Kid Cudi decided to make a song about it. But even though having super power may seem like the best thing in the world, the song also touches on how it may not be as wonderful as everyone would like to think.

1. Day ‘N’ Nite


Even if you’re not a Kid Cudi fan, you’ve probably heard the song “Day ‘n’ Nite”. Released as his first single, the song was the perfect way to display Cudi’s talents, but it was also catchy enough to become a mainstream hit. Even though the lyrics are somewhat depressing, they sound so good that you”ve probably reciting them without realizing what you were actually saying. To date, the video for “Day ‘n’ Night” has gotten well over 173 million views on YouTube.

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