The 10 Best Skillet Songs of All-Time


The Christian rock group known as Skillet first got their start out of Memphis, Tennessee in 1996. Throughout the years, they have undergone a number of lineup changes, but the founder, John Cooper, still remains with the band to this day. He, along with co-founder, Ken Steorts, was original with different bands at the time they met but were encouraged to team up by the pastor of their church. A month after officially forming as Skillet, when a major Christian label, ForeFront Records, took interest to have them sign up. The name of the band was the result of the mixed history each band member, both past and present, brought about their own unique style from previous groups they had been with. Each of their own sounds, when meshed together, seemed to work as the ideal recipe to make a highly successful group that reached out to more a number of fans, even outside the Christian rock genre. On October 29, 1996, Skillet debuted with their self-titled album, which was then followed with nine more and another yet to come. They also have four extended plays (EP), three compilation albums, and two live albums to their credit.

10. Forgiven


In 2010, (Forgiven) was the fourth single that was released from Skillet’s seventh studio album, (Awake). On the US Billboard Christian Rock Songs chart, it peaked at number one. The honesty behind the song, which is heard loud and clear from the group’s performance, brings home the reality that hope is best achieved through forgiveness, which should serve as one of the leading traits Christians should share as believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

9. Sick of It


When the world doesn’t make sense due to the senseless violence, one of the best ways to let that frustration out is through song. (Sick of It), as performed by Skillet, was released in 2013 as an emotional burst of reaction against all that’s wrong with the world. On the US Billboard Christian Rock chart, the single peaked at number one. On the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart, it peaked at number nine. It was the first single released from Skillet’s eighth studio album, (Rise).

8. Not Gonna Die


Rise was Skillet’s eighth studio album, which was released on June 25, 2013. (Never Gonna Die) was the album’s third single, which appeared on a number of Christian-related and Mainstream music charts. On the US Billboard Christian Rock chart, it peaked at number one, while on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart at number nine. It also earned a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Among Christian believers, the message the soul never dies, as performed by Cooper and his bandmates, is a well-received one.

7. Rebirthing


When (Comatose) was released on October 3, 2006, it was Skillet’s sixth studio album. It was also the band’s first album to achieve certification from the RIAA as they rewarded it platinum for having over one million copies sold. The first of five singles that came from the album was (Rebirthing), which topped the US Billboard Christian Rock Songs chart. The message behind the song is about second chances, something of which everyone is privy to as it’s already established nobody’s perfect.

6. Whispers in the Dark


On the US Billboard Christian Rock Chart, (Whispers in the Dark) peaked at number one in 2006. It was the second of five singles coming from Skillet’s second studio album, (Comatose). On the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, it peaked at number thirty-four. Whispers in the Dark also became certified platinum by the RIAA.

5. Savior


(Collide) was Skillet’s fifth studio album, which was released on November 18, 2003. The single, (Savior), was given high praise for the guitar riffs that have become one of the group’s trademark sounds. On the US Billboard Christian Rock Songs chart, Savior peaked at number one. John Cooper admitted the inspiration behind the song stemmed from memories of his childhood as he tapped into his Christian faith to get through some of the more difficult periods he experienced in his life.

4. Feel Invincible


In 2016, the first single, (Feel Invincible), was released from Skillet’s ninth studio album, (Unleashed). On the Hot Christian Songs chart, it peaked at number one, as it also did on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. It also became certified platinum by the RIAA. Among the Christian community, whenever they feel connected to God, they feel invincible. This is the message that was brought across. It was inspiring enough to be featured on the theme song to the 2016 World Wrestling Entertainment’s Pay-Per-View event called Battleground.

3. Awake and Alive


Awake was Skillet’s seventh studio album that was released, which was in 2009. (Awake and Alive) was the third single that came from it and reached the top of the US Billboard Christian Rock chart. It also reached number two on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, as well as becoming certified platinum by the RIAA for having over one million copies of it sold. Among Christians, when awakened to the truth, they become alive. At that point, no matter what adversities the world hurls at a true believer, they’re too awake and too alive to be injured by it.

2. Hero


In 2009, Skillet released their seventh studio album, Awake. The first single, (Halo), didn’t take long to make an impact on the music charts that would see it peak at number one on the US Contemporary Christian hit radio chart and on the US Christian Rock Songs Chart. On the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, it peaked at number fifteen. With the RIAA, Hero was certified platinum three times over, while with Denmark’s record industry it became certified gold. Among the Christian community, there is no hero that can measure up to Jesus Christ. This was a reality Skillet brought home with this powerful song. Inspired, the NBC Network used it as a promo for a number of National Football League games during 2009. In 2010, World Wrestling Entertainment used Hero as one of the two promos for its 2010 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

1. Monster


From the seventh studio album, Awake, Skillet released the second single, (Monster), which became the band’s best song release to this day. With the BPI, the song became certified platinum and with the RIAA it became four times platinum. On the music charts, Monster peaked at number four on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart and at number twenty on the US Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. While it was 2009 the album was released, it wasn’t until 2010 Monster was officially released as a single, which was the third out of the list of seven.

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