Blizzard Arcade Collection Coming to PS4 and PS5 Today

BlizzCon kicked off the day on yesterday for sure with all the great news they brought to fans. But there was also another special occasion yesterday. It wasn’t just their formal meet-up but also it was their 30th anniversary. So to celebrate it, Blizzard Entertainment has prepared a new special bundle, called Blizzard Arcade Collection. And this bundle is arriving at PS4 and PS5 today!

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, they are re-releasing three original games which are The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing, and Blackthorne for PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility. They have updated the games with the sort of modern conveniences, like rewinding and saving, that weren’t available back in the days of yore. So let’s take a look at those games a little and remember them more.

The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings were originally released in 1993. It highlights the creative ability-based teamwork that would resonate in Blizzard’s overall approach to co-op multiplayer game design. First of all, you can play this game with one or two of your friends, if you wish. You will be playing the roles of Erik the Swift, Olaf the Stout, and Baelog the Fierce. These three brave Vikings must use their different abilities cooperatively in order to solve hundreds of puzzles, evade their captor which is the vile Tomator. They aim to defeat their enemies and navigate a treacherous voyage back home.

Rock N Roll Racing

Rock N Roll Racing was also originally released in 1993. You can experience an over-the-top demolition-racing behind the wheel with your friend or friends in this game. Each player will be able to choose drivers with different talents from a selection. You will take your pick from a set of customizable cars, which are each equipped with an upgradeable arsenal designed in order to outmaneuver, and literally destroy the competition. The players will be navigating around a series of booby-trapped racetracks with hearing an epic rock-and-metal soundtrack thanks to Blizzard.


Blackthorne was first released in 1994 and won praise for its dark tone, detailed graphics, smooth action, and sophisticated gameplay, including the hero’s ability to “no-look” fire at enemies behind him. And technically, it is also the first PC-game release developed by Blizzard.

Blackthorne follows the story of a lethal commando equipped with brute strength, Kyle “Blackthorne” Vlaros. He has an increasingly powerful shotgun and mysterious past with animal cunning, a glorious mane. You will be leading him in order to claim and liberate its people, your destiny with a fierce effort. Blizzard provided a futuristic 2D alien world overrun by mutant monsters and goblin hordes.

The differences between Original Editions and Definitive Editions

Blizzard Arcade Collection comes with games Original Editions and also upgraded Definitive Editions version. Both of the editions have a custom button mapping and the ability which will provide you rewinding the play for up to 10 seconds. You will also be able to save your progress anywhere.

On the other hand, there is a ‘watch mode’ that lets you watch a playthrough of the game and jump in to take control at any point. But only Original Editions of The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne will provide you that option, not Rock N Roll Racing.

Furthermore, The Definitive Edition of The Lost Vikings combines the superior audio and visual experience of the first release with the extra stages and cutscenes. And in its subsequent version, it also supports up to three players in local co-op.

The Definitive Edition of Rock N Roll Racing adds environmental effects, such as snow and rain. You will be able to play up to four players, compared to two in the Original Edition, compete in local multiplayer.

The Definitive Edition of Blackthorne includes a “fog of war” map that uncovers as players explore each level, adding a sense of suspense and achievement to Blackthorne.

Ultimately, Blizzard Arcade Collection includes a packed digital Museum with a bunch of bonus materials. Bonus materials include game art, development assets, unused content, lore, developer interviews, and more. So, don’t suggest you miss them if you happen to be a fan of those old but gold games, anyways. They will bring the old and good days back with nostalgia but also providing whole new and modern experiences.

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