Emma Watson Comes Back To Wizarding Again

Almost any of us have passed our childhood growing with Harry Potter and the beloved franchise’s characters for many years. So, it really broke our heart to see them leave with the last movie back in 2011. But now, it seems one of the brightest and beloved actresses Emma Watson, who played Hermione, comes back to wizarding all over again.

After all those years, there are some rumors wandering around and saying that Emma Watson might be joining to appear in more Harry Potter stories. And it is not the first time that such a rumor comes along as well. On the other hand, these Harry Potter stories involving Watson are also expected to be spin-offs to the main eight Harry Potter films as a Hermione-centric series. Although it’s great news to all of us fans, it also gives us hard time knowing what to think or feel cause we had disappointed before.

During the old days of her with Harry Potter, it was also discussed that Emma Watson had almost left the franchise after 2007’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And gladly, she has ended up continuing anyway. But it was also understandable starring in such enormous eight movies might have caused massive pressure on her as well. But also a lot happened since then as our beloved Watson grows and adds more incredible works to her resume. So, it makes me think the possibilities can be bigger to come true this time as she also seems ready to return more than ever. But still, we can’t be sure what the future and Emma Watson hold for us for now.

On the other hand, it’s still exciting news to hear and to think how Emma Watson‘s returning will be this time to the Harry Potter franchise if she returns. Although it’s a whole other question what Hermione would do in this new possible series since her story has seemed to be over back then as well. But I think it won’t matter what she will be doing as long as we get to see her back, too.

So what do you think about this old-new possibility of Emma Watson and what are your predictions about what she will be doing as Hermione Granger this time? Let us know and stay tuned as we keep you updated on this new rumor as well! In the meantime, you might also want to take a look at another one of the beloved characters of Harry Potter’s recent statement expressing his disappointment over his old role here.

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