First single of Misfits band the Cough / Cool b/w She 7 sold for $10,877 on Discogs

The American punk rock band Misfits‘ first-ever single to be released has just been sold on Discogs for a dazzling price of $10,877.

When that old vinyl is rare, we all know that it’s going to be valuable as hell. A single of Misfits from 1977 has just proved that by being sold to a mysterious buyer on Discogs for an insane amount of price. This copy has just been sold for nearly eleven thousand dollars on Discogs, which is a music database and marketplace website if anyone wonders. The buyer of Misfits’ first album is unknown.

the misfits

Misfits’ first single sold for nearly $11.000

Released in 1977, the Cough / Cool b/w She 7″ was the sole Misfits record including drummer Manny Martínez. Furthermore, there are only 500 copies of this single, acting as a catalyst for it to be sold for such an amazing price.

The single’s earlier copies were sold for good amounts of money, too, according to Louder Sound. Despite that, this latest copy has been much more expensive than the earlier copies sold for a few thousand. The seller of this copy is of the opinion that it was highly valued for its impressive sound quality.


As expensive as it is for a single piece of vinyl of Misfits, this copy is not actually that expensive if we compare it to other vinyl rarities. Take The Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen / No Feeling 7″ for example, copies of which were ordered by their record label to be destroyed. Only a small amount of copies were left from 25.000 original copies, rendering it one of the most valuable vinyl rarities in the world. Its price is reportedly between $10,956-$19,334 now.

If that is not enough, there’s also The Beatles’ White Album which was sold for 790 thousand dollars. The point is, any old rare vinyl can be sold for a good amount of money if stored properly. Try to make the best out of it.

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