10 Important Songs about Hate


Hatred is a negative emotional response towards certain things, ideas, or people. It is also usually related to opposition towards something. Hatred is often accompanied by intense feelings of disgust, anger, and contempt. On those days when you feel an unbelievable hatred towards something or someone, it is great to hear a musical artist who shares the same emotion in a catchy song. That said, below are some of the ten important songs about hate:

10. “What About,” by Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson is an American songwriter, dancer, actress, and singer. According to Song Facts, she is best known for her sexually provocative, socially conscious, and innovative tracks. She is the tenth and youngest child of the Jackson family. The track “What About” is featured in her 1997 album titled The Velvet Rope. On this track, Jackson is filled with a lot of hatred against a man that had harmed her physically. This song tweeters back and forth between intense and quiet lyrics and bass-heavy passages. Janet sings about never wanting to be involved again in a relationship where she felt trapped and had to deal with emotional abuse.

9. “Caught Out There,” by Kelis

“Caught Out There” is a song by American singer Kelis and is featured in her 1999 solo debut studio album titled “Kaleidoscope.” The song was produced by The Neptunes and released as the album’s first single in the United States. In the music video, Kelis is seen in her spiral afro and fuchsia hair, breaking things in her living room. She and a group of women boycott men’s infidelity. The song’s chorus clearly describes the immense hatred Kelis has for her former lovers; she sings, “I hate you so much right now! Aaaaaaaaaah! I hate you so much right now!”

8. “Rage,” by Rico Nasty

Maria Cecilia Simone Kelly, famously known as Rico Nasty, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. She rose to fame in 2018 after releasing singles such as “Poppin” and “Smack a Bitch.” She first signed with Atlantic Records, where she released her sixth mixtape titled Nasty, followed by one of her bestselling albums titled Anger Management in 2019. In the song “Rage,” she makes it clear that she prefers her social circle to be filled with hatred and range. She warns that if anyone tried to get in their way, they would be met with unspeakable violence.

7. “Kim,” by Eminem

“Kim” is a song recorded by American songwriter and rapper Eminem and is featured in his 2000 studio album titled The Marshall Mathers LP. According to Ranker.com, this was the first song recorded by the rapper for his album, which was released after his 1998 album titled The Slim Shady LP. Whether intentionally done or perhaps due to the state of the media, Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP was met with controversy, with the song “Kim” listed as the No.1 song hated by the public.

The song reflects the intense anger and hatred Eminem feels towards his former wife, Kim Mathers. In the music video, the rapper tries to imitate his then-wife’s voice, and then the video ends with Eminem killing Kim. Eminem and his daughter Hailie are seen heading to the lake to dispose of Kim’s dead body. Despite the song’s controversial and disturbing graphic content, it is listed as one of Eminem’s most memorable songs.

6. “Workhorse,” Mastodon

Mastodon is an American heavy metal band from Atlanta. The band was formed in 2000 and is composed of Brent Hinds (lead guitar), Brann Dailor (drums), Troy Sanders (bass/vocals), and Bill Kelliher (backing vocals). To date, Mastodon has released eight studio albums and several amazing track releases. The 2006 song “Workhorse” talks about people’s hatred towards their jobs. It is more of a heavy, grinding track about doing something that many people hate.

5. “Mental Filth,” by Galactic Goth

“Mental filth” is a gothic, electronic masterpiece performed by one of the most celebrated artists in music. This track starts with a low, calmly brewing rumble as the singer tries to describe the many feelings, including rage and hatred, he has experienced in the past. He is overcome with different emotions resulting from his past traumatic experiences. Some of the lyrics in the song’s chorus are, “Mental filth! Mental filth! I cannot do this anymore!” The singer also says that anger and hatred can slumber inside us for long until something so big can trigger us to explode and express these hidden emotions.

4. “Marked for Death,” by Emma Ruth Rundle

According to Lyrics.com, “Marked for Death” is a song recorded by an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Emma Ruth Rundle. In this song, she sings about how tumultuous her relationship was with her lover. She then tumbles into a rage and uncontrollable hate when listing the many reasons why no one will ever love her former lover as she did. She also implies that her former lover is marked for death, meaning that she will forever remain unlovable, doomed, and in misery for eternity.

3. “I’m So Sick,” by Flyleaf

“I’m So Sick” is a song by the American rock band Flyleaf. The song was released in August 2006 and featured as the debut album’s first single. This track starts with a quietly unstable beginning that would catch anyone off-guard as she violently roars at the end of the first verse. This song talks about how the singer is filled with hatred for her environment and is desperate to leave. She claims the environment makes her sick and feels like a caged animal.

2. “F.U.,” by Sordid Pink

Sometimes people or certain events push us to the limit of our sanity and force us into people capable of intense hatred. Sordid Pink gives us a well-deserved and much-needed track titled “F.U.” that allows us to express our anger and hatred towards manipulative people in our lives. Some of the song’s lyrics are, “For everything you put me through, believe me when I say it is true. I hate you; I hate you.”

1. “I.H.E.” by Miss May I

“I.H.E.,” an acronym for “I Hate Everyone,” is a song recorded by an American metal band, Miss May I. In the song, the band tried to express their hatred toward the toxicity of the music industry that has both hurt and helped several lives. The song is based on an experience when one of the band’s members was presented with corrupted paperwork of a home he purchased, which later almost cost him all his life savings.

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