Kengan Omega Chapter 96 and Chapter 97 Release Date, Spoilers

Kengan Omega Chapter 96 is published today. Here are all the details about the manga’s previous chapters and release dates.

Kengan Omega is a Japanese manga series written by Sandrovich Yabako and illustrated by Daromeon and the sequel to Kengan Ashura on Netflix. Kengan Omega manga series continues to air weekly, while Kengan Ashura has broadcast season 2 on Netflix, but there is no specific date for season 3.

Kengan Omega manga series continues with its breathtaking action. The truth about worms was uncovered by The Kengan Association and the Purgatory fighter. Kazuo’s effort to stop the competition is fruitless, as the danger of the worms persists on both sides. The conflict between Kure Raian and Alan Wu is about to begin. The Kure class vs. the Wu clan, where Alan is known for executing the Wu Clan members.

A great disaster is at hand. A mysterious creature emerges that seeps from the realm of death and begins to slaughter humans, monsters, demons, and gods. The mysterious creature is bathed in the blood of its victims as if his eyes are dazed. The mysterious creature was named Wu Hei, who became the first Wu.

The war is still going on and Raian is pretty sure he will kill Alan. Alan told Raian that he should remember where he belonged.

When is the ‘Kengan Omega’ Chapter 96-97 Release Date?

Kengan Omega Chapter 96 is released as of February 4th, 2021 (today). The Japanese manga series continues to broadcast a new chapter every Thursday, and the action reaches its peak. Chapter 97 will be released on Thursday next week if nothing goes wrong, and we’ll keep you updated in case of any change.

Chapter 95 was published last week. For those who do not read the manga, you can find detailed information about the previous chapter.

What happened in Kengan Omega Chapter 95?

On one side, Alan Wu weighs 108 kg and is 197 cm high. On the other side is Kure Raian, who is 94 kg and 188 cm tall. According to Alan, Raian looks like a geezer who has forgotten his family’s faces for nearly 1300 years. Things will get more complicated.

The Bodyguard

Hayami Masaki learns that Ohma learned to read people’s lips from the Kure clan. Kazuo thinks the year 1300 should be a metaphor and worries about whether Raian will do well. Ohma says that Raian has been fighting Raina since he was healed and he will be healed. Ohma even says it’s their tradition to fight every day. Koga asks who won the fight between them. But Ohma is too focused on the ring to hear him. He realizes that Raian is getting stronger and stronger than him.

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

Meanwhile, Ren says they should not underestimate the Wu Clan. The Wu Clan is at the core of the Chinese underground. Koga and Kazuo are then surprised and ask how long has the bodyguard been standing behind them. While The bodyguard praised Julius for his victory, Ren said they should be ready to follow the Wu Clan’s secrets. He even told them to worry that they would witness techniques they had never seen before.

History of Clan and Secret Technique

Ren reviews the clan’s ruined past and announces that it was divided into Kure, Wu, and the Westward Faction 1300 years ago. Those who remained in China became the Wu Clan, those in Japan became the Kure Clan. Those who migrated to the West were known as the Westward Faction.

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

At that time, Wu Xing took part in the conversation and commented on how his ancestors had put forth techniques over the generations. The story of the techniques dates back to before the clan split into three parts. Guhun, known as Removal, is the technique of the whole clan, while the secret technique that only crosses the mainline is Huisheng. This means resurrection in Chinese. Xing also says that Alan Wui has the personality of Wu Hei, who lives inside him.

While Alan did not wait for the ref to say fight he charges towards Raian, Raian was smiling and clenching his fists. Nicolas says that Alan’s muscles are growing, and Terashi says there are Wu Klan techniques that reveal hidden body strength. Alan sends Raina flying using a flying kick, and Okubo comments that Alan is quick and hands the upper hand in this fight.

Raina stands firm and smiles at Alan as he charges. Alan asks Raina to strengthen and reveal her true strength, but for Raina, Alan is a toy to play with. When he wanted to show his true strength, he lost interest in what he wanted to do. Raina got passed by something, and his eyes turned black.

You can watch the trailer of the Kengan Ashura anime series aired on Netflix below.

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