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Travis Mills T. Mills Evolution of

Travis Mills, or as most may have known him, T. Mills, was once a seemingly constant rising star but eventually the rapper transformed into more of a personality that kept the music at his roots with everything else he chose to conquer. Aside from the music, Travis Mills has shown a clear evolution throughout his entire career from music to acting to his own branded content with podcasts and modern radio shows on Apple Music. T. Mills now goes by his real name Travis Mills in his current endeavors, as the name fits a different period in the artists’ life but Travis Mills defines the man and any future project he may touch.  While the artist has always been surrounded by all types and genres of music, the evolution of his music alone went from more pop to a more rap-focused sound but his earlier music was reminiscent of the music that inspired his current band, Girlfriends. Below we’re going to go into some detail about the evolution of Travis Mills, the rapper and pop artist that always seemed to keep close to the growing metal and pop-punks scenes while growing his own fame.

T. Mills

When the artist, known as T. Mills at the time, got his debut record deal to Uprising Records from his Myspace uploads, he was mostly unknown but the fan base he had was great in loyalty. Uprising Records has had a variety of artists on their roster from Broadway to T. Mills and even Fall Out Boy and Emmure. Performing almost annually at the Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey, and other festivals, it seemed the artist had gained momentum and fame from every direction which also made it clear of the evolution of Travis Mills.

After a few years and the release of his debut album, T. Mills was featured on the soundtrack for and in the film “21 & Over” with his song “The Boom”. When the artist released his debut album “Ready, Fire, Aim!” it had surprising guest features from the likes of Dev, Kyle Lucas, and David Schmitt of Breathe Carolina. Overall, T. Mills released his previously mentioned debut album, the “Leaving Home EP”, the “Finders Keepers EP”, and several singles contained some of his most popular music. T. Mills has released a total of 4 EPs with one on Uprising Records, two on Columbia Records, and the final EP released with First Access Entertainment, and the evolution of Travis Mills is clear, even here.

The Evolution from T. Mills to Travis Mills

Upon dropping the T. Mills name and going for something more proper with Travis Mills, the artist started to host a show on Apple Radio called “The Travis Mills Show” and eventually another Apple Radio show called “Superbloom Radio” where he interviews interesting, up-and-coming artists. It should come as no surprise that Travis Mills had acquired such deals with Apple due to his love for the company throughout his career. Travis Mills’ podcast “ADHS w/ Travis Mills”, which may not have featured any recent episodes, is highly insightful and featured a variety of guests such as YouTube star David Dobrik.

As mentioned above, Travis Mills was featured in the Will Arnett Netflix show “Flaked”, which only lasted for 2 seasons. The evolution of Travis Mills was clear even just through acting with roles in a Netflix show, as well as a small role in “Good Girls” on NBC while it was still airing, among other opportunities. While it doesn’t seem that acting has skyrocketed the actor into Hollywood necessarily but with so many projects and 1.1 million Instagram followers, enough people are paying attention to the artist that it may not matter what he decides to dedicate his time to.

Travis Mills Today

Most recently the artist could be found in his newest band Girlfriends touring, doing his podcast, or found on Netflix in “Flaked” alongside creator Will Arnett and other opportunities mentioned above he had taken. Travis Mills is also one of two hosts on MTV’s “Ghosted: Love Gone Missing” and has been featured on other MTV shows such as “Ridiculousness” and “Wild ‘n Out”. The artist has even been a commentator at a recent MTV award show.

His band Girlfriends featuring members of pop-punk ska revolutionaries Goldfinger is something different from the artist compared to what we’ve heard from the artist’s own music career. However different from his work involving his rap career, Travis Mills grew up in and surrounded by bands within the DIY punk and pop-punk scenes. Overall, Girlfriends is a refreshing take and another clear note of Travis Mills’ evolution on pop-punk from a rapper and certainly stands out from the like-minded music from Machine Gun Kelly as of late.

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