The Walking Dead Timeline in Order Chronologically

The Walking Dead Timeline in Order Chronologically

All the fans have started grieving since the beloved series’s farewell. But on the other side, this also has been a start for Rick as he’s involved in another massive time jump from it to continue his adventures. So, we thought it would be nice to have some guidance for the complex timeline of The Walking Dead as there are also a lot happened so far as well. As we said, there has been so much going on in The Walking Dead, that gets really hard to follow usually and makes you confused, too. Especially when it comes to timelines and the connections between the events along with it. So, here are the events with their chronological timelines for you.

Year 0

This is the year when everything has started as The Wildfire virus starts to revive corpses. But still, the public doesn’t get aware of this situation until the Global Outbreak, which happens to be after around 4 months. So they continue to live their daily routine lives. In the meantime, Rick and Shane get involved in a shootout against some bad dudes and Rick ends up in a coma. But on the other side, there isn’t much time left anymore for the zombie virus to devastate the world, as well.

Year 1

This year’s early parts are when Fear The Walking Dead’s first two seasons pass on. And the Global Outbreak also starts during Year 1 as well. And Rick still stays in his coma until almost two months pass from the breakout. This timeline is one of the missed ones in the original series, so Fear The Walking Dead intends to show us this absent part of the story as The Walking Dead gives places the first year of the outbreak to cover in its first few seasons to cover.

Thereby, our heroes keep changing places from the first camp to the CDC, to the farm, to the prison to turn back there right after they arrive at Governor’s town as well. So much happens in just one year that it is really natural to can’t keep up with them. On the other side, Morgan tries to keep calm as he surrounds his place with a bunch of traps but then accidentally burns it down. So he goes on a killing spree and gets locked up afterward by a pacifist. And all of this happens in just two weeks before the year first year ends. We told you he was calm! Right?

Year 2

As we reach the 500th day of the outbreak in season 4, the actual thrill is just getting started, right in this year. And according to AMC, the next 4 season until season 8 includes only 121 days taking place in episodes. Considering it’s been passed years in first seasons, the next 4 season takes place in just around 4 months or something with full of action, and more! Over the course of Year 2, they become sick with deadly flu, Hershel gets killed, their home -in prison- gets destroyed so they travel to Terminus. But there, they get captured by cannibals and go to the hospital where Beth is killed. So, they go to Alexandria, which they hoped this community to be safe. But they get attacked by a gang called Wolves, who use zombies as weapons. And this gang isn’t the last. They also meet other gangs of rivals as they try to find their ways of survival.

Year 3

The Walking Dead gives a big break before season nine. As we see 121 days in four seasons till season 8, which ends 621th day, year 3 starts on the 1170th day. And after this relatively huge holiday, we see our heroes building a bridge and teasing Rick as well.

Year 7

In season 8, some kinda glimpse of Carl’s death has been shown to us and it turns out to be his own hallucination as he dies as well. At first, it seemed like Old Man Rick’s vision, though. But on the other side, it still remains uncertain since it’s all also imaginary. So maybe AMC also decides one of the movies they’re contracted to make with Andrew Lincoln to make a feature-length adaptation of this as well.

Year 8

If it doesn’t turn out to be another vision, the time-jump of Rick, which is at the end of his last episode, seeing 10-year-old Judith as she saves new cast members with Rick’s hat on her. Judith’s age is important cause she is now is at the same age of Carl’s first age when The Walking Dead first started. Although the years passed, the beloved franchise’s reboot will still have some old our favorite character’s in it for a while as well. And on the other side, the beloved franchise also made another time jump in season 9 to connect the series with the real-world timeline as Carl growth spurts from new Judith Cailey Fleming between now and season 18.

Year 9

As we enter year 9, we are on day 3,397 and we see the four main communities all together for the first time in years. Thereby, the year 9 also led by Samantha Morton’s Alpha as she makes decisions to wear human skins as masks based, which seem not that heartwarming.

Year 10

This is the first most reasonable year that The Walking Dead takes its place, we assume. And it is also one of the hardest and filled with death year for our heroes as they meet several side characters along with a major one at the early stages of the Whisperer War.

There are really lots of blood and death that it gets sickened to see everyone leaving after some time. But if there is something this series taught us, is that to expect even the least thing every time and not to get surprised when it happens. But year 10 has relatively the closest timeline to the real one as well. So, we will see what’s next along with the new sequels of our beloved The Walking Dead as it provides us another decade of incredible plotting, contractual twists, and thrilling weekly adventures, and more.

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