Tool shares new artwork promoting teaser for their upcoming album

Tool fans got an update from bands official Twitter page showcasing their new logo, (possibly album artwork), as well as the release date for their long-anticipated album.

Tool shared a short clip on Twitter and Instagram page showing a newly designed logo, reminiscent of exotic Egyptian lettering. Along with the updated font, is the release date for the untitled new album, August 30th, 2019.

Tool new album details

Tool new album details

Also, they’re launching their profiles on Spotify, Apple Music, and others. Then Maynard confirms for upcoming album date. After that, Maynard talks about when will the single release.

One fan tweeted, “One this is an unpopular opinion, but @puscifer is one of the most and best psychedelic bands of this era. I wouldn’t really call Puscifer a band. It seems to be one man and hired guns. Not a collaboration of musical ideas.”

Keenan responded on the Puscifer Twitter account, “Mat Mitchell is a stand-alone force of nature. A true talent. And an essential core of Puscifer writing, engineering, producing and mixing. Since 2006. Carina Round completes that trinity. Collaborating with us since 2009. Collaborative writing process starting w Mat Mitchell. A Band.”

However, last week the band 1991 demo album ‘72826‘ has arrived on Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play, and Pandora. Now, Tool has released a short teaser for the band’s long-awaited new album. We can see the release date and a new Tool logo.

Check out the new logo below.

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