The 10 Best Born Of Osiris Songs of All-Time

Born of Osiris

The progressive metal band known as Diminished was originally formed in 2003 out of Palatine, Illinois. Come 2004, they changed their name to Your Heart Engraved until 2006. From 2006 until 2007, they went with the name Rosecrance before finally settling with Born Of Osiris from 2007 onward. They based the band’s name on the Egyptian deity known as Osiris and the tale of his son, Horus. Now they’re one of the more famous progressive rock bands.

Birth, Rebirth & Growing Pains

Currently, lead vocalist Ronnie Canizaro, guitarists Lee McKinney and Nick Rossi, drummer Cameron Losch, and keyboardist/vocalist Jon Buras are with the band today. While Canizaro, Losch, and Buras are the band’s original members, McKinney didn’t come in until 2007 and later, Rossi in 2018. Prior to agreeing Born Of Osiris was a suitable band name, as Diminished (in 2003), they released a 5-song demo (Your Heart Engraved These Messages). It was the only release from the teenagers that featured two lead vocalists. As of 2007, Born Of Osiris the band transitioned out of their satirical rap and metalcore sounds into their critically-acclaimed deathcore. That same year they officially signed up with independent record label Sumerian Records.

There are a total of ten former band mates that have come and gone during the band’s career run, including guitarist Jason Richardson (from 2009 until 2011). Trevor Hurlbert (vocals), Austin Krause (bass), Mike Mancebo (keyboard), Joel Philips (guitar), and Mike Shanahan (guitar) were all original members of the band. They, along with Canizaro, Losch, and Buras all attended the same high school (Fremd) in Palatine, Illinois. Bassist David Durocha was with Born Of Osiris the longest, starting with them in 2007 and then departing in 2018. Other former members include Joel Negus (2004-2007), Dan Laabs (2005-2007), and Matt Pantelis (2007-2008).

Born Of Osiris Top 10

So far, Born Of Osiris has released a total of six studio albums. Their most successful (Soul Sphere) was released on October 23, 2015, as it reached #6 with the US Indie charts, #3 in Billboard’s US Rock, and #2 in Billboard’s US Hard Rock, They also have two EPs, one from 2007 (The New Reign) and the other in 2017 (The Eternal Reign). From those six albums and two EP’s, is a list of the top 10 songs from Born Of Osiris, going with the listings, according to Return Of Rock.

10. Illusionist (Tomorrow We Die Alive, 2013)


During the two-year run, Jason Richardson had with Born Of Osiris, his guitar performance toward the song (Illusionist) isn’t quite as technical as his style of play is known for. But for this song, made the perfect delivery that contributed to its popularity.

9. Love Story


From their newest album (Angel or Alien) is a song of lamentation revolving around what was, as well as what could have been. (Love Story) was released in 2021 despite the global pandemic of COVID-19 still making headline news. The lyrics, plus how the song was performed, and its timing struck a chord among music fans and critics that instantly made this a cult favourite.

8. Empires Erased


From the 2017 (The Eternal Reign) album, which is a re-imagined version from their 2007 (The New Reign) release. One key observation made by many fans of Born Of Osiris is they felt was an improvement of the band’s lead vocalist, Ronnie Canizaro.

7. The Other Half of Me


From the 2016 album (Soul Sphere) comes this song (The Other Half of Me), which is has a notable change in its musical delivery than most of the music Born Of Osiris is known for. It’s more melodic, something that illustrates this band’s capability to simply play more than one musical style.

6. Under the Gun


While their 2019’s (The Simulation) album received mixed reviews overall, their song (Under the Gun) stood out as the overall favourite. Both the fans and music critics have commented that the band’s emotional delivery of this song made it their most listened to song on Spotify throughout 2019 and even 2020.

5. Illuminate


From their 2015 (Soul Sphere) album, Born Of Osiris delivers (Illuminate) still is deemed as the all-time favourite among many metal music fans. Their Egyptian-style delivery with this song has their most devoted, long-term fans who appreciate them even more. The most common comment among them is how they’ve stuck to the core root of what made this band who they are, to begin with.

4. Divergency


Their 2013 album (Tomorrow We Die Alive) is the song (Divergency), one of which many fans agree on the opening riff with its simple, yet hard-hitting delivery.

3. Follow the Signs


From 2011’s (The Discovery) album, this song was the band’s take on the differences between spirituality and religion. (Follow the Signs) sends a powerful delivery of how the practice of religion is nothing more than man-made traditions while spirituality is something that stems from within and is more natural.

2. Angel or Alien


Coming from the 2021 album of the same name, (Angel or Alien) is a song that continues to bring forth an Egyptian flair to this band’s heavy metal music style. Both the band’s fans and music critics became instantly drawn to the powerful performance that was poured into what is mutually agreed to be among the best material this group has ever produced.

1. Machine


2013’s (Tomorrow We Die Alive) release of this song is what fans and music critics both agree serves as why Born Of Osiris isn’t just another “great metal band” but among the elite. (Machine) is a cult favorite and consistently earns the highest ratings with music charts that focus on the heaviest genres of music.

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