The 10 Best Songs about Sunsets

Luke Bryan

Our latest article on the top ten sunset songs looks at the best songs to listen to while watching the sunset. The best sunset songs bring beautiful yet often nostalgic memories with every line and verse that you listen to. Our top ten sunset songs list features some great songs from the likes of Phoenix, The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, and several other artists that you will absolutely love anytime you are driving into the sunset or just sitting as you watch the sunset. Here are the top ten sunset songs of all time.

10. She’s a Rainbow – The Rolling Stones


“She’s a Rainbow” is a Rolling Stones song from their 1967 album “Their Satanic Majesties Request.” Although this song was met with mixed reactions when it was released back in 1967, the song has rightly been appreciated with time. The song debuted as a single and peaked at position #25 in the US, making it one of our favorite sunset songs of all time.

9. What Makes the Sunset? – Frank Sinatra


The number nine song on our list of the top ten sunset songs is a song from the incredible Frank Sinatra. The song was released in 1945 and is contained in the album Anchors Aweigh Official Soundtrack. “What Makes the Sunset?” features Frank Sinatra’s mesmerizing voice and incredible melodies that make it one of the best sunset songs of all time.

8. Two Suns in the Sunset – Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd’s concept album dubbed The Final Cut was released in 1983 and concluded with “Two Suns in the Sunset.” The song lyrics talk about England’s fear of nuclear war. The statement “the sun is in the east, even though the day is done” alludes to a brilliant fireball produced by nuclear explosions. “Two Suns in the Sunset remains to be one of the greatest sunset songs of all time, with the lyrics encouraging us not to focus so much on the future but rather live in the present.

7. Into the Sunset – Bonnie Tyler & Mike Batt


“Into the Sunset” is a beautiful love ballad about sunsets and lovers and is contained in the album Mike Batt The Penultimate Collection. The song was released in 1990 and was used as a soundtrack for The Dreamstone. The song, which was performed by Mike Batt and Bonnie Tyler, contains beautiful lyrics, and the duo’s vocals are absolutely magnificent. It is quite sad that the song was never used in The Dreamstone TV Series.

6. Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset – Luke Bryan


“Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” is the third single from Luke Bryan’s 2018 album, What Makes You Country. The song lyrics talk about a beautiful summer connection between two adolescent lovers. The song always reminds me of summer memories whenever I listen to it and what a better time to listen to it than in the summer while watching the sunset.

5. Love Like a Sunset Part II – Phoenix


“Love Like a Sunset Part II” is a great song that compares our love to sunsets, which might at times signify the end of a relationship. The song’s lyrics which were written by Thomas Mars, came about when he was on a road trip. The song utilizes an instrumental for “Love Like a Sunset Part 1,” and the lyrics describe the fleetingness of love. The song is perfect for any occasion when you are enjoying the sunset with a lover, and this song is a perfect listen.

4. Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks


“Waterloo Sunset” by the band Kinks is the band’s most well-known and acclaimed sunset song. The song reached number one in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe but didn’t perform well in North America. In the song, the singer observes (or imagines) two lovers crossing a bridge, as the observer comments on their growing relationship. The song grew in popularity that even Cathy Dennis covered the song on her 1997 album, Am I the Kinda Girl? “Waterloo Sunset” was the band’s first single ever released in genuine stereo.

3. Rendezvous at Sunset – Kylie Minogue


“Rendezvous at Sunset” was written by Kylie, Richard Stannard, and Julian Gallagher, in charge of production. The song is three minutes and twenty-three seconds long and was recorded during the Fever phase by Kylie Minogue. Along with “Boy,” the song was released as a B-side to the leading single “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” It’s one of the best pop songs with nu-disco influences about sunsets.

2. Sunset – Kid Ink


“Sunset” is a hit single by Kid Ink released on May 28, 2013. It is one of the most popular songs about sunsets from his album Almost Home. “Sunset” is a song used as a motif and metaphor in many literary works to depict a character’s future. As described in the song, Sunset Blvd is a famous stretch of road in Los Angeles that runs for miles. Sunsets are so common in Los Angeles because of the proximity of the Pacific Ocean to the streets that it sometimes feels like you’re driving into one. Lyrics in this song, like “Riding through the sun, riding through the dusk,” are famous motifs depicted in many films, books, and novels.

1. California Sunset – Neil Young


The number one sunset song on our list is the 1985 song “California Sunset” from Neil Young’s album, Old Ways. This country hit song is one of the most uplifting songs about sunsets. California is alluded to as the promised land in the song. Compared to other California songs, this song is more upbeat and appears to praise the California paradise. The song expresses Neil’s passion for California and gratitude for its stunning bay area. What a great song to wrap up our list. The guitar melodies are absolutely incredible, and the vocals are so excellent for a sunset song.

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