The 10 Best Ziggy Marley Songs of All-Time

Interested individuals might recognize Ziggy Marley as the son of Bob and Rita Marley. He has never surpassed his father in fame. However, it’s no exaggeration to say that Ziggy Marley is an accomplished musician with a long, distinguished career in his own right. After all, he was a member of the Melody Makers from 1979 to 2002. Subsequently, he released eight solo albums. Ziggy Marley is widely recognized for his music. For proof, consider his eight Grammys.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Ziggy Marley songs released so far:

10. “Believe In Yourself”

Arthur is one of the most influential cartoons ever released in the United States. After all, it had 25 seasons from 1996 to 2022, thus making it the longest-running cartoon aimed at children in the country. As such, there are a lot of people who recognize Arthur’s theme song, “Believe in Yourself.” Funny enough, Marley is the one who sang the song, though this was back when he was still a part of Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers rather than a solo artist.

9. “Dragonfly”

Dragonflies are remarkable creatures. For instance, they can fly in any direction because their wings rotate independently. Something that contributes much to dragonflies being some of the most successful predators on the planet. Sadly, “Dragonfly” is a song asking how wild animals and plants will survive the ongoing environmental devastation. It was released two decades ago. Unfortunately, it seems to be becoming more rather than less relevant.

8. “Into the Groove”

“Into the Groove” is one of the singles from Love Is My Religion. It isn’t particularly complicated. However, it manages to live up to the promise made by its title. People looking for feel-good songs can do much worse than listening to this one.

7. “Family Time”

Family is important. Interested individuals should remember that familial bonds need nourishment like everything else. Family members who spend time with one another have stronger relationships. In contrast, those who neglect these ties will find them as flimsy as they believe them to be. “Family Time” is a joyous celebration of family gathering together. It came from a children’s album. Even so, its lesson is something adults can also take to heart.

6. “Personal Revolution”

Change starts from within. That might sound sappy, but there’s a fundamental truth to it. Change is hard. As such, it isn’t something that can be done instantly. Instead, it can take years or decades for people to see their visions through. Something that can’t happen without tremendous commitment. This means everything starts with people finding their inner convictions before overcoming their fears and doubts, thus explaining the calls by artists for people to change their thinking. “Personal Revolution” is very much a song from that tradition. Moreover, Marley performed it as his contribution to Rotary International’s anti-polio campaign. The disease is near-eradicated, but more work is needed before it is gone for good.

5. “Wild and Free”

Amusingly, “Wild and Free” is a song pushing for the legalization of cannabis. Specifically, Marley released it to support a California ballot for legalizing recreational cannabis in 2010. This is perhaps unsurprising considering cannabis’s role in Rastafarian culture. It’s so important that its role has been compared to a sacrament.

4. “Rebellion Rises”

“Rebellion Rises” is the title track of the album of the same name from 2018. Despite its name, it’s more about love than fury because it believes that love is what can undermine the system it’s directed against. The song has much to say on related topics. For example, it points out how things can change when consciousness of issues spreads among people. Similarly, it notes that even though the passage of time changes things, that’s because of people’s choices rather than something inherent to the process. As such, “Rebellion Rises” offers much food for thought.

3. “Forward to Love”

“Forward to Love” comes from an album that commented much on the need for change. However, it meant personal and societal change, so it had songs dealing with both concepts. “Forward to Love” is an excellent example of the former inspired by Marley’s relationship with his wife.

2. “Love Is My Religion”

Marley released Love Is My Religion in 2006. It met a positive reception, as shown by how it sold more than 200,000 copies in the United States. Of course, “Love Is My Religion” would be the title track, which is more or less what it sounds like based on its name. Suffice it to say that this is a very upbeat song from someone known for such works. Due to this, people should give “Love Is My Religion” a listen if they want to hear something that raises their spirits rather than cast them down.

1. “True to Myself”

“True to Myself” comes from Marley’s first solo album, Dragonfly. Even now, it’s one of his best-known songs. Interested individuals can check out its number of views on YouTube for confirmation of the claim. It’s easy to understand why “True to Myself” caught on with listeners. Indeed, interested individuals should have no problem guessing its general sentiment, particularly considering Marley’s fondness for positive themes. If they’re unsure, they should know “True to Myself” is a song about how important it is for people to remain true to their values and beliefs rather than twist themselves into something they’re not. Many artists have engaged with this theme in one way or another. Marley’s “True to Myself” stands out for being one of the best works on this topic.

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