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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a famous Canadian singer who also writes songs and launched an acting career. She started early in her musical career, performing with Shania Twain while still in her teens. Arista records picked her up by the time she was just 16 years old. Avril released her first album in 2002. She amassed a huge fan following who love her music, but she also proved to have some acting talent, appearing in “Fast Food Nation” in 2006. She also performed some voice acting in an animated film the same year. She is best known for her singing and songwriting, however. Here are the six studio albums she released ranked from worst to best.

6. “Avril Lavigne”

Vocal Media rates her self-titled album as the least popular of her career. The album dropped in 2013, well into her musical career. Return of Rock listed it as number five, but we’re keeping it as the least popular because of the explicit lyrics in the track “Bad Girl.” This project introduces a new persona for Avril. It was out of step with the vibe she put out when she started as a sweet teenager. Although not a bad album, it’s not her best either. It’s not so much about a few F-bombs, but more about trying something new that didn’t sit well with some fans.

5. “Head Above Water”

“Head Above Water came out in 2019. There is a general agreement among fans and critics that this album and “Avril Lavigne” are the two worst albums, but they can’t agree about the positioning. We put it as the fifth-best because “Head Above Water” is legitimately a good song that was well received. There were a few other notable tracks. We liked “Warrior,” and “It Was In Me.” The rest didn’t catch on very well.

4. “The Best Damned Thing”

“The Best Damned Thing” received high marks from Allmusic and Metacritic for its punky pop vibe that appeals to teens with songs that also reach out to an older audience. We must agree that she achieved a good balance with the track inclusions. There was the titular track, “While You’re Gone” and “Runaway.” There is something about this album that makes you want to listen to every song. Maybe it’s because it can shift you from one mode to another rather quickly. Her vocals are exceptional. Avril is at the top of her game here. It’ one of her better albums. We left it at number four, which some might disagree with, but not because it’s a bad album at all. It’s just that there are a few we like more.

3. “Goodbye Lullabye”

“Goodbye Lullabye” earns its place as Avril’s third-best album solidly. It divided the critics. Some rated it as the second-best and others the fourth. It’s one of her softer and more balanced projects. We put it in the middle of the ratings from critics because we genuinely love every song on the album. Well done Avril.

2. “Let Go”

“Let Go” dropped in 2002 as her debut album that made a big impression on fans. It features “Complicated,” “Losing Grip,” “I’m With You,” and other songs that were big hits for Avril. Not every song received attention on the album, which holds it back from advancing to the number one best position, but it’s a good album that offers a good balance of emotions from heavy to light. It’s rare to achieve absolute perfection with a debut album, especially when you’re a teenager just getting established in a professional career in the music industry. She made a strong start with this album. It is an important part of her musical history that deserves recognition. The review is about as good as it gets for a new musician. We still like this album because we consider it to be a pure version of Avril Lavigne before the stresses and pressures of the industry began to close in around her and alter her sense of what was good and bad stylistically. It’s the real deal in our book.

1. “Under My Skin”

“Under My Skin” dropped in 2004. Avril had gained a few years of experience and her music was beginning to mature. It shows in the second album that included some exceptional tracks including “Forgotten,” “Slipping Away,” ” My Happy Ending,” and several other truly solid songs. The music and the vocals establish a slightly bratty tone, which is something Avril has been known for and it’s practically her signature. It follows a truly good debut album and helped to take audiences past their introduction of Avril Lavigne’s music into a more defined understanding of who she is and of her style. This album stayed the course with its content and was purer thematically than many of her later albums that attempted to make some changes that weren’t as well-received by some fans. Although it’s arguable, we think “Under My Skin” eclipsed her debut album. Although there are still some flaws in her vocals, there was a big improvement. It seemed to be a more confident work that wasn’t quite as scattered as her initial album. That’s just an opinion, but it’s part of what we do when we explain what we like and what we don’t. It was an exceptional follow-up album that didn’t feel rushed or thrown together. It has purpose and genuineness.

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