The 10 Best Nelson Songs of All-Time

Nelson Twins

Nelson Twins is an American rock and roll band founded by twins Gunnar and Matthew. Matthew and Gunnar are twin sons of the legendary American singer Ricky Nelson. The twins rose to fame in the early 1990s when they released the album ‘After the Rain.’ After the release of their first album, the band experienced internal conflicts with their signing label. This led to their separation in 1995 but the twins continued to sing independently. Some of the best songs released by the Nelson twins’ are;

10. After the Rain

After the Rain is one of the twelve songs in the album ‘After the Rain.’ The song was written by Matthew & Gunnar Nelson, Rick Wilson, and Tanner. It was released as a single in 1990 by Nelson Twins. The song witnessed massive success, and the music video is classified among the ten unintentionally funny heavy metal videos. In Australia Billboard, it peaked at number 75, 6 on US Billboard hot 100, and 39 on the US Billboard Album Rock Tracks.

9. (Can’t Live Without your) Love and Affection

Number 9 in this list is’ Love and Affection’ released in 1990. The song was released under the After the Rain album. The song describes a crush one of the band members had on a lady named Cindy Crawford. According to Lyrics, the lyrics depict the intensity of the love the man had for Cindy. He calls her an angel who is always on his mind. The singer cannot imagine living without the love and affection of his newfound love. The music video features actress Judie Aronson who later makes an appearance in top magazines Vague and Vogue.

8. Only Time Will Tell

It is an incredible pop song that is part of the After the Rain album. The song speaks about the usual ups and downs in life in friendship. The lyrics depict a friendship gone sour, and one of the friends decides to say goodbye. Eventually, the estranged friend returns and wants to try it again. The singer is expressing his feelings by saying that only time will tell if his friend will stand by him through the good and the bad and if the friendship will last forever. It is a beautiful song that anyone can relate to. The song was released in 2010.

7. More than Ever

This song was written by Nelson Twins in their teenage years and released by Matthew and Gunnar Nelson in 1991. It rose to peak at number 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song’s lyrics contain words of affirmation about a girl they love. According to Song Facts, Gunnar said he didn’t have anyone in mind when he wrote the song, but he met and married her years later in 2014. Coincidentally, his wife had his poster in her room during high school.

6. Cross My Broken

Cross My Broken was released in 1995 under the Because They Can album. The song’s lyrics describe a sad situation about a broken love relationship. The writer calls out the love of his life for saying goodbye and bringing tears to his eyes. He promises himself that he will not allow his heart to fall apart and work hard to get over her. The song can be classified as rock pop.

5. (You Got Me) All Shook Up

This song is also part of the Because they Can album. It was released in 1995 by Nelson Twins. The song is sad because it depicts a love full of lies. According to Genius, the writer calls out the love of his life for telling him lies. Initially, he believed the lies, but with time he proved his suspicions to be true. The lover is tired of the lies and wants to quit the relationship because everything he thought was right has gone wrong.

4. I Can Hardly Wait

In this song, the Nelson Twins describe what it feels like to walk away from a toxic relationship and start afresh. The song was released in 1990 on the After the Rain album. The writer is tired of all the pretense and unwilling to work on a shattered relationship. He is looking forward to starting a brand new life. He is also hopeful that at one point, he will find another lover and get the chance to live again.

3. Will You Love Me

Number three on our list is Will You Love Me. This beautiful song was released in 1990 for their best-selling album After the Rain. The song’s lyrics are that of a unique love story between a man and the love of his life. Their love story goes through a storm when one lover wrings the other and walks away. The lover is now back and wants to reignite their love, but the writer finds it difficult to forget what happened. All he wishes is to be loved like before.

2. Won’t Walk Away

Won’t Walk Away is a song released in 1995. The song is part of the Nelson Twins’ best-selling album Because They Can. The song is about someone unable to move away from a toxic relationship. The cheating allegation rocks the relationship, and the writer is confused about what to do because he cannot decide to walk away. He describes himself as a martyr addicted to the love relationship. Because of his addiction, he had tried to walk away, but it has proved impossible.

1. (It’s Just) Desire

It’s Just Desire is a song that expresses the need to love and be loved. The song was written by Matthew and Gunnar Nelson and released in 1990. It is part of their best album, After the Rain. The lyrics describe a strong feeling of love that feels like a spell. The writer describes a burning desire to love a certain girl. He can’t fully understand the love because he promised himself not to love again, but this feeling goes against that promise. The lover feels elated and cannot control his Desire because he is unsure whether he wants a lasting relationship.

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