The 10 Best Simple Plan Songs of All-Time

Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau met in high school and discovered they had a common passion – music. The two, along with other friends, partnered to form a rock band, Reset. However, Comeau left to join college and formed his band. Later on, when Bouvier disbanded Reset, he wanted to give up on music and focus on his studies.

However, he joined Comeau’s band since they needed a lead singer, and Simple Plan was born. After many unsuccessful attempts at getting a record label to sign them, the band finally convinced Andy Karp to sign them to Atlantic Records. They have released so many songs since then, but these are some of the greatest hits.

10. This Song Saved My Life

According to MTV, Simple Plan traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam, and met local children and women who had survived the horrors of human trafficking. The band also teamed up with USAID, AusAID, MTV Exit, and Walk Free to release inspiring footage of the visit. Simple Plan recorded “This Song Saved My Life” to raise awareness about human trafficking by highlighting the impact and dangers of the trade. The message makes it one of the best Simple Plan songs of all time.

9. I’m Just a Kid

With Comeau coming up with most of the band’s lyrics, it makes sense that he would pen down this song. The drummer barely had friends in high school, probably because he was a nerd. He wanted to pursue music, but his parents insisted on him being a lawyer. Therefore, as a kid, Comeau felt like he was all alone with no one to count on; his life was a nightmare. Although this is one of the songs the band first wrote when starting their music career, it still is a fan favorite; hence, they play it at every show.

8. Shut Up

Positive criticism is much welcomed as it helps to be better. Unfortunately, negativity can get in our heads, and discourage us from reaching our goals. Simple Plan felt the criticism they were getting was too much and needed everyone on the band’s neck to shut up and leave them alone. It is a relatable song since we all, at times, encounter people who think they are better than us. Or, people who expect us to be “perfect” as they are, but we can’t, so we want them to be quiet and let us be.

7. Astronaut

Comeau talked to May the Rock Be with You and explained that “Astronaut” was written from a place most can relate to on a personal level. It talks about the disconnect people go through despite being reachable 24/7 on various channels. It tells of how people feel lonely and out of place even when they are surrounded by others.

6. Untitled

National Highway Transport and Safety Authority estimates that one person dies every 45 minutes as a result of drunk driving. “Untitled” is a song that hits close to home because Simple Plan lost a friend due to drunk driving. The song written by Bouvier and Comeau was inspired by an accident in high school in which two of their friends went out drinking. They then drove under the influence, and one friend ended up killing the other who was in the passenger seat. The pain of the driver does not fade, and he keeps asking, “How can this happen to me?”

5. Addicted

Simple Plan’s drummer, Comeau told MTV that this was their favorite song when they wrote it. They even played with the word “addicted” to make it sound like Bouvier had speech impairment while in reality, they were pushing the limits to see if mainstream media would censor it. The heartbreak song was so well received on the radio that the band decided to delay the release of another hit, “Perfect.”

4. Jet Lag

When distance was taking a toll on the band member’s relationships with their girlfriends, they recorded “Jet Lag.” The band released different versions of the same song in different languages. However, as Edmonton Journal published, the musicians were nervous about releasing the French version. Although they all are French, they have always preferred writing English songs. Still, the French version earned the band the Best francophone Band/Duo NRJ award in Cannes, France, much to their surprise.

3. Summer Paradise

Bouvier collaborated with K’Naan when the Simple Plan’s vocalist sang “Wavin’ Flag” for the Young Artists for Haiti Project. Later, when Simple Plan needed talented artists to partner with in the “Summer Paradise” song, K’Naan was a top choice. Although K’Naan featured in “Summer Paradise,” the band later did a version of the same song featuring Sean Paul and it was a huge success. The song, inspired by Bouvier’s surfing hobby, was certified silver in the United Kingdom on August 12, 2022, after selling 200,000 copies in the UK.

2. Welcome to My Life

Bouvier told Songfacts that most lyrical content in the band’s music comes from Comeau. So Comeau spoke to the band members, telling them of a song titled “Welcome to My Life,” where they talk about the difficulties they have faced and ask listeners if they can relate. The band members spoke from their real-life experiences because Bouvier remembered feeling out of place in high school and wondering if he would ever be good enough. Comeau also felt that no one, especially his parents, understood him.

1. Perfect

Comeau received backlash from his parents regarding his music career. They said being a musician was unrealistic and that he would never make it. His parents insisted that music was supposed to be a hobby, not a career to be pursued. The more his parents failed to support him, the more Comeau wanted to succeed in his music career. He even quit studying for a law degree at McGill University to focus on music. Allegedly, this decision resulted in his parents not being supportive. So, the song is a message to tell them that he made it despite abandoning him when he needed them most. It became a hit because so many can relate.

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