The 10 Best The Interrupters Songs of All-Time


Our list of the 10 best The Interrupters Songs brings us to focus on this young American band who have continued to prove that dreams can be achieved with determination. Aimee Allen, the lead vocalist of the band met with Kevin in 2009 and together they started writing songs. Aimee existed before as a solo artist and after meeting with Kevin, the two youngsters decided to walk a journey of pursuing their passion for music. In 2011, Kevin and Aimee invited Kevin’s twin brothers Jesse and Justin to play drums and bass respectively. This union led to the official formation of the band “ The Interrupters” in 2011. The band is currently composed of Kevin Bivona the guitarist, Justin Bivona on bass, Jesse Bivona as the drummer and Aimee Allen as the vocalist. The band has released three successful albums with the latest being “ Fight The Good Fight” which was released in 2018. The band has gone on tour with famous bands like The Transplants, Devil’s Brigade and many others.

10. Babylon


“Babylon” remains in the hearts of many fans of the band. In the song, the band encourages people to rebel against what they refer to as “the kings”. Kings in this song refer to a metaphor for controlling politicians or the super-rich. The track claims that these individuals scoop out profits out of you as much as they can. Like most of their songs, the guitar progression of this song has a slow slick solo that flows in sync with the tunes. There is however nothing too original in the instrumentation.

9. Got Each Other


This song is contained in their 2018 album “Fight The Good Fight”. As the title of the song suggests, being there for each other is very human. The song “We Got Each Other” can be viewed in two dimensions. in view of the band’s life and in our natural life. The song encourages us to stand strong, side by side to offer support to those around us.

8. On A Turntable


In their 2016 album “Say It Out Loud” The Interrupters get to narrate their career journey in a musical way. “ On a Turntable” song likens their lives to one being spun on a turntable. Life can be tough, and in their music journey, they started from nothing but music always meant something for them. This song can be a great inspiration to anyone starting from the bottom. All that matters is what you have and your determination and focus.

7. Title Holder


Featuring at position 7 in our list is the song “Title Holder” which was recorded in 2017. The song is contained in the album “ Fight The Good Fight” which was released in 2018. The song has seen the band scale to unseen heights as they use their prowess to encourage us to fight as a “Title Holder”. Amidst all challenges in life, The Interrupters encourage us not to lose our identity. Overcome every challenge and hold dear to what you have and who you are.

6. By My Side


The song “Be My Side” was directed by Tim Armstrong and was released in 2016. The track features in the “Say It Out Loud” album which is full of fun messages. The video sees the appearance of incredible artists such as Rancid of Hellcat. The track was released close to the 2016 presidential elections and it reveals the chaos surrounding elections while also sending out a cry against domestic violence.

5. Gave You Everything


This track is one of the biggest hits the band has ever produced. It is the 7th track off the album “Fight The Good Fight” which was released in 2018. If you need a thoughtful moment, this is one of the few rap songs by the band that leaves the heart of most listeners buried deep in emotions. The song is about a cry to the unfaithfulness of high authorities of people we trust in our lives. Everyone has that moment when someone you trust fails you terribly and you find yourself shattered.

4. Take Back The Power


If you need some encouragement, listening to this song will do you good. “ Take Back The Power” track brings back lost hope and encourages you to fight for your rights. In this century of corrupt and manipulating leaders, it’s our mandate to stand strong and fight our oppressors head on. The song flows in a conversational tone, asking us what we’re gonna do when they show up in the streets with black suits and army boots to silence us. It’s a call to humanity to take back the power and fight for what we deserve and desire.

3. She Got Arrested


The song “She Got Arrested” is a narration of how rushed decisions can land us in life-long problems. In this track, we see a girl who rushed to fall in love with a man she had just met. In the heat of the relationship, the man laid his hands on her as a result of an argument and the girl planned to take revenge. Unfortunately, the girl ends up being arrested. Aimee’s voice in this track is magical and the whole band compliments each other well.

2. Bad Guy


The Interrupters received huge success from this single after Billie Eilish did a cover for the song. The song went on to be featured in The Umbrella Academy season 2 which also led to a 250% increase in UK streams. In the Global Shazam Charts, the song peaked at position 14 in the UK and the song has gone on to earn more than a million streams worldwide.

1. She’s Kerosene


“She’s Kerosene” tops the list of our top 10 best songs by The Interrupters. This is one of the band’s greatest hits and was a game changer in their musical career. The song peaked at number 7 in US Billboard Charts and saw the band being nominated for Kerrang Awards in 2019.

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