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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is an excellent example of the artists who got their start in acting before embarking on a music career. However, they have long since managed to carve out a niche for themselves in their chosen field. After all, Lovato has been releasing new music ever since their debut studio album Don’t Forget in 2008, with the result that they has released a total of seven studio albums so far. Lovato has sold more than 24 million records in the United States, which isn’t even mentioning their awards and other accolades. As such, there can be no doubt about the fact that they have been very successful in this regard.

7. Demi

Demi had some memorable songs. To name an example, its lead single “Heart Attack” reached the number ten position on the Billboard Hot 100, which is no small achievement. Unfortunately, Demi as a whole wasn’t capable of living up to its stated ambitions. For those who are curious, the album is named thus because it was supposed to be a sort of introduction to a more mainstream audience that wasn’t necessarily aware of Lovato and their music.

Moreover, it was meant to step away from what Lovato considered to be the “generic” predecessor of Unbroken in preference of music that interested her. Instead, the result was sometimes lackluster. Even worse, Demi didn’t actually show a great deal of evolution in Lovato’s song-writing skills when compared with the three preceding studio albums.

6. Confident

Speaking of which, Confident was the album released after Demi. Music-wise, it was more modern pop than the bubblegum pop and synthpop that dominated previous releases, meaning that it showed the kind of evolution that had been missing in its immediate predecessor. Overall, Confident wasn’t a bad album. Certainly, it had some good material on it, as shown by “Lionheart” as well as the lead single “Cool for the Summer.” The issue is that the rest of the album didn’t quite manage to live up to the album name. Those songs weren’t bold enough. Moreover, those songs just didn’t have the kind of sheer presence that one would expect from an album with this kind of name.

5. Dancing with the Devil . . . the Art of Starting Over

Dancing with the Devil . . . the Art of Starting Over is Lovato’s latest release, which came out in April of 2021. Context-wise, it is important to note that they had to be hospitalized after a drug overdose in 2018. As such, the creation of the album went hand-in-hand with their experience of recovery as well as their subsequent experience of self-discovery.

Something that explains much about the name of the album. Regardless, the experience that Lovato had managed to build up over the course of their career managed to count here, as shown by how it boasted numerous songs that are well-worth a listen or even better. If there is an issue, it is that the arrangement of the songs on the album isn’t as well-ordered as it could have been. As such, the listener isn’t presented with the material in the best manner possible, thus making for a poorer experience than what could have been.

4. Don’t Forget

This was Lovato’s debut studio album, which they started recording when they were still filming Camp Rock for the Disney Channel. Unsurprisingly, it is rather immature compared with their later releases. Moreover, they didn’t stand out from the crowd as much, particularly since the contribution of the Jonas Brothers also resulted in considerable similarities in the resulting sound. Still, Don’t Forget receives this ranking because it was enough to show that Lovato possessed real potential. Something that they have more than managed to realize by this point in their career.

3. Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me is Lovato’s sixth studio album, so it was released at a relatively recent point in time. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is pop for the most part. However, it manages to stand out from a lot of its counterparts in that it incorporates a fair amount of R&B influence, with the result that it has been described as more “soulful” than those. Most critics seemed to have had a positive opinion of the album, treating it as a further refinement of its predecessors made possible by Lovato’s ever-increasing skill. Of course, Tell Me You Love Me couldn’t have hit the heights that it did without their excellent vocal performance, which can be considered one of the album’s strongest selling points.

2. Here We Go Again

Lovato has long since stepped away from pop rock because of the continuing evolution of their musical style. This isn’t necessarily a good thing because their second studio album Here We Go Again made it very clear that they can be very good when it comes to said music genre. On the other hand, this might not be a bad thing either because it is difficult to imagine Lovato making better pop rock than what they managed with this particular release.

In any case, Here We Go Again was the product of a deliberate decision to step out from the shadow of the Jonas Brothers in pursuit of a more distinctive sound. There were those who felt that they still didn’t do enough in this regard. However, the album nonetheless managed to prove itself in a hotly-contested field.

1. Unbroken

It is difficult for former child stars to carve out a niche in the music industry for themselves once they have become adults. After all, they already have established images, which tend to cling to them. However, Lovato is definitely one of those who have succeeded. Something that became very obvious with the release of her third studio album Unbroken in 2011. It is one of the best showcases of Lovato’s full talent as well as full musical range. As such, it isn’t a show of her talent so much as a show of her talent realized.

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