10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jessica Betts

Jessica Betts

What do you know about Jessica Betts? Maybe you already know that she’s a powerful singer, but what else? As it turns out, there are quite a few things about her that are rather interesting. Here are 10 of them.

1. She won a singing competition in 2005

Even back then, she knew she wanted to be a singer. She ended up on a singing competition hosted by one of the world’s most famous hip hop artists called “The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott” and the rest, as they say, is history. From that point forward, she has been steadily working on her music. The talent contest was a big step forward for her, and one that she is still extremely grateful for. As far as she is concerned, that was the tipping point in her career, the time when other people started becoming aware of her music. As such, she’s always quick to tell others that they should go for it when it comes to achieving their dreams. Sometimes, those dreams do come true.

2. She’s married to another celebrity

Just last year (2020), she married public personality Niecy Nash. She says that she never really knew what it was like to be happy until then. In fact, she has since commented that she used to think she was happy, only to look back on things and realize that she really wasn’t that happy at all. Moreover, she says that she started to realize what true happiness really felt like when she met Nash and the two of them started to get close. Since that time, she says that her life has been much more content.

3. People are still taking note of her music

Granted, she has only released one album. That said, the album that she released back in 2014 was a big hit, one that resonated with a great deal of music fans. Even though it’s been seven years, people are still taking note of her music, while new fans are coming on board on a daily basis. It just goes to show how impressive her music really is, not to mention how it is capable of reaching people on a very personal level.

4. She’s exceptionally passionate about the music she creates

One of the reasons that she does such a good job with her music is because she’s so passionate about it. For her, it is a way to express who she truly is. She has commented in the past that music has a way of transcending all of those walls that people tend to put up between each other. When words are inadequate to express feelings, music is something that can be used to not only express those feelings, but to communicate them effectively to other people. That’s why it’s capable of going across boundaries such as culture, nationality and virtually everything else.

5. She only recently came to understand her sexuality

She says that she identifies as a lesbian, something that she only recently came to understand fully. She also says that she always felt like there was something different about her, but she was never quite certain what it was, at least until she met her spouse. Once the two of them met, she became quite certain of who she was almost instantly because she fell in love almost instantly.

6. She’s proud of her accomplishments

She’s proud of both her professional accomplishments and the fact that she is finally allowing herself to be her authentic self without worrying about what other people think. She’s quick to point out that unfortunately, people aren’t always accepting of others unless they fit into their idea of who they should be. She’s equally quick to tell others that they should always be true to themselves, even if that means that they have to face some adversity. For her, there is nothing worse than selling oneself out in order to please someone else, something that many people unfortunately do on a daily basis.

7. She wants to help people stay true to themselves

Because she has seen firsthand what trying to be someone you’re not can do to a person, she tries to use both her music and her celebrity platform to send out a message that people should always stay true to themselves, even when it’s difficult to do so. She points out that anything that is worth having is worth fighting for. Every person has to fight for who they are and for what they believe at some point or another during their lifetime. She tries to help people understand that in the long run, it’s much better to fight for these things than it is to simply hand them over because that causes a complete and total loss of self-respect.

8. She’s also tried her hand at acting

Of course, she’s done a music video or two. One of those even includes her now wife, Niecy Nash. In addition to that, she’s tried her hand at acting a time or two as well. One was for a television series called “Claws,” where she had the opportunity to guest star for an episode. She says that she enjoys acting, but not quite as much as singing. For her, it’s something that she hopes to do more of in the future. That said, she can’t necessarily see herself giving up singing to become a full-time actor.

9. She’s proud of her heritage

She’s quite proud of her African American heritage. She wants every person that she meets to be proud of theirs as well. As a result, she frequently speaks openly about her culture and her heritage. She does this in hopes of inspiring other people.

10. She’s originally from Chicago

She was born and raised in Chicago. Although she currently lives in Los Angeles, she says that Chicago will always have a special place in her heart. Despite that fact, she is very much aware of the fact that a large portion of Chicago is struggling with an overwhelming amount of crime. She’s definitely proud of being from there, but she doesn’t turn a blind eye to the city’s problems, either.

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