The 10 Best Shreya Ghoshal Songs of All Time

Some people were born to sing, and Shreya Ghoshal is one of them. Her incredible voice is undeniably the pride of India and thus they nicknamed her the “Queen of Bollywood Music.” Ghoshal’s training in music began at the age of four and at sixteen won a national award for her first Bollywood song. Her star has since been on a steady rise, and with so many tracks to her name, here is a list of the best Shreya Ghoshal songs.

10. Bairi Piya

The first of anything plays a significant role in anyone’s life as it sets the precedence. For the singer, “Bairi Piya” was her first song, and it even featured in the movie “Devdas.” Ghoshal described the experience as being a major milestone since she was only 16 yet was chosen to record a song for the film. This song was a pivotal moment in her musical career; it changed her life for the better since she got a national award for her performance. Ghoshal is a talented singer because she recorded the song in one take.

9. Angana Morey

Ghoshal revealed that the song is a collaboration between her and her musician brother. She added that it was born during the COVID-19 lockdown, and her brother urged her not to pay attention to the trends and instead go after what her heart wanted. As a result, Ghoshal went the independent way and recorded indie music, unaware that it would be on Billboard.

8. Guli Mata

Ghoshal’s beautiful voice is complemented by Saad Lamjareed’s in this masterpiece that combines Hindi and Arabic languages. The Hindi lyrics were penned by Rana Sotal while Mohamed Al Maghribi wrote the Arabic part. The song tells the tale of two lovers who are so much in love that they cannot bear to be apart from each other. The lady says whether awake or asleep, she cannot stop thinking about the guy who confesses how much he loves her and that he cannot hide it even if he tried. With Jennifer Winget acting as the love interest in the video, the song was bound for greatness.

7. Maheroo Maheroo

Ghoshal teamed up with Darshan Rathod to record “Maheroo Maheroo’ for the film “Super Nani” released in 2023. It is yet another love song in which the lovebirds declare their love for each other. They do not know how they fell in love but admit that they are head over heels in love with each other. Even though they have never explicitly said it, the look in their eyes is a dead giveaway of their mutual feelings.

6. Teri Ore

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ghoshal lend their voices to this piece whose beats are quite soothing to the soul. “Teri Ore” which translates to “Towards You” is about lovers who feel their hearts pulling towards each other. No matter how hard they try to start new relationships, they believe they are meant to be and will find their way toward each other when the time is right.

5. Teri Meri

It is a sad romantic song penned by Shabbir Ahmed and sung by Ghoshal and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. They sing that their love story is difficult because they are made for each other, yet they cannot be together. The distance torments them, and they can barely fall asleep with thoughts of each other haunting them, as they wonder when they will be reunited. It was featured in the film “Bodyguard” directed by the late renowned filmmaker Siddique. With Kareena Kapoor and Salman Khan acting as the lovers in the video, the song earned Ghoshal several accolades.

4. Zihaal e Miskin

This song is a timeless classic that Ghoshal and Vishal Mishra revived with their version. The original was sung by Lata Mangeshkar, penned by Gulzar and composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. However, composer Javed-Mohsin decided to give it a fresh tune without eliminating the song’s essence. As Ghoshal explained, she was challenged to take on the classic and lend to it a beautiful reimagination that she hoped would find its way into the hearts of fans.

3. Pal

Arijit Singh and Ghoshal pair up in this romantic song composed by Javed-Mohsin for the film “Jalebi.” Mohsin hoped to have Ghoshal sing the female part of the song, and it took the intervention of Mukesh Bhatt to make it happen. Bhatt asked Ghoshal to cancel her other commitments so she would create time for “Pal.” The singer obliged, and Ghoshal does not regret her decision seeing how well the song turned out.

2. Sun Raha Hai

When Ankit Tiwari wrote the lyrics to this song, he hoped he would get the late Krishnakumar Kunnath alias KK to sing it. Tiwari recorded the song in his voice and pitched it to famous movie director, Mohit Suri. Suri saved the song on his phone and when directing the movie “Aashiqui 2,” he decided to feature it. Tiwari informed the director of his intentions to have KK sing the song, but Suri insisted Tiwari’s version would remain. Ghoshal did a female version of the song, which became quite popular with fans.

1. Papa Mere Papa

For anyone who has a close relationship with his or her father, this song will bring them to tears. It is sung by Ghoshal, Baby Aparna, and Sonu Nigam and was featured in the Bollywood film “Main Aisa Hi Hoon.” A little girl asks the stars and lower buds who is the cutest father in the world, and she believes her father has to be the answer. She sees him as the sweetest man whose words make everyone laugh. His face may seem innocent but he has a heart filled with love that he is ready to dish out to anyone who needs it. To the girl, her father’s character makes him the sweetest man on earth.

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