Ozzy Osbourne’s Drummer Tommy Clufetos Talks About Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne's Drummer Tommy Clufetos Talks About Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne’s drummer Tommy Clufetos talked about the last tour of Black Sabbath, and how he felt about playing in it. Clufetos also talked about his career choices and Rob Zombie, also touching on Ozzy’s new album. Appearing on Rocking With Jam Man, here’s what Ozzy’s drummer Tommy Clufetos had to say.

Clufetos: It was a wonderful feeling

Ozzy’s drummer shared his gratitude for being invited to play with Black Sabbath. The band is a legendary one after all, so who could even refuse that offer?

“It was a wonderful feeling to be asked to go play with those guys – it was an honor and a privilege to go on stage and be the guy to ask to carry the torch to bring the music to the fans.”

He also explained how he tried to do the best that he could to be worthy of his position. At the end of the show, he was proud of everything.

“And I really tried hard, my best that I could, to do justice to the great music that they created together, the four guys – Ozzy, Tony, Bill, and Geezer. So I just tried to revere the music and bring the same vibe that the fans were expecting. And I was proud of what I did with those guys on stage, so it was a thrill and an honor for me.”

After that, Clufetos went on to explain his feelings while he was playing in the show.

“That whole tour was great, and the last gig of any tour is always a little more unnerving – people are packing the bags and there are distractions, let alone playing with Black Sabbath in their hometown of supposedly their last gig that they’re ever going to do.

So there was a lot of hustle and bustle going on but we provided what was necessary on stage that day, and they were recording it, and they filmed it. And it was a great night!”


Ozzy drummer on what the band did after the last tour

He explained what the band did after the tour. Apparently, that last gig was not actually the last event.

“Everybody just went their separate ways, we went back to the hotel. We did reconvene a few days later and they recorded some more footage and stuff in the studio of some different songs that they didn’t play on the tour.

So that was kind of a nice way, the last gig wasn’t really the last event for us. The last thing was this thing at a studio, which was also released.”

Tommy Clufetos on Rob Zombie: “You have to make a choice”

He was also asked about Rob Zombie. While emphasizing the emotional aspect of the job, he explained how he had to take the chance.

“In life, you get certain opportunities and you have to make a choice. Am I going to go with this opportunity or am I going to stay in the situation that I am? So when Ozzy called, I had to go in that opportunity. Sometimes people may get hurt and feelings may get hurt, especially in music, ’cause we’re all emotional people and we love what we do, and it’s not just a business to us — it’s an emotional thing.”

Clufetos on whether Bill Ward should have played in the last tour

Asked whether Bill Ward should have played instead of him, Tommy Clufetos replied rather politically.

“I’m the last guy in the world who has any idea of what goes on there, so I can’t say should he or shouldn’t he because I don’t know what was really going on.

All I know is that I was asked to play drums. I don’t really concern myself with things that aren’t in my control. That’s between him and the band. You’re asking the wrong guy the question because I’m just a drummer and I keep my mouth shut.”


Tommy Clufetos: “I’m not retiring from anything”

Tommy Clufetos was asked about the feeling of retiring from the biggest heavy metal act before 40. He’s not retiring from anything, though.

“Well, I’m not retiring from anything. I have about 30 more years to go before I can even start to think about slowing down. It was a pleasure and an honor to play with those guys but I have a lot more to do.”

Clufetos also revealed that he will not be in Ozzy Osbourne’s new album. It seems he’s completely OK with it.

“I am not on Ozzy’s new album. He’s recording a new album, I think, as we speak, and he just did one last year, and he didn’t use his band on the album.

He had a producer called Andrew Watt and he had all the musicians play on those albums, which is totally fine and that’s Ozzy’s album, he wanted to go that direction, and the producer wanted to go that direction, and they’re making great music together.”

Ozzy recently talked about that album too, saying that 15 tracks were already ready. Working on the album during the quarantine kept Osbourne alive, as he says.

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